You Are Wealthy Come Worship Him Low

Haste we to greet Him lying today
In a poor stable all on the hay.

You who are wealthy, come worship Him low,
Jesus the King in humility know;
He it is ruleth the city on high,
Prince of the angels and Lord of the sky! [Refrain]

You who are poor, His deep poverty see,
Poorer than you would your dear Master be;
No cottage home now may shelter His head,
Only a manger for Him in a shed. [Refrain]

Unto the wealthy is whispering the Child:
“Say would ye find Me so gentle and mild;
I am the poor, still in them I have need,
Naked and hungry, then clothe me and feed.” [Refrain]

Unto the poor He so tenderly cries:
“Yours are the riches stored up in the skies;
In those bright mansions on high ye shall live,
Angels are waiting their welcome to give.” [Refrain]

Both unto rich and poor, one is the call,
Worship and love Him who loveth us all;
So when He comes in His glory again,
We, made like Jesus, with Jesus shall reign. [Refrain]