You Are Writing Your Own Book Of Life

You are writing your own book of life,
Day by day a record foul or fair;
When at last your work is done,
You must face the judgment throne;
Then the books will all be opened over there.

Oh! the books will be opened, my brother,
You’ll be judged by your own, not another;
Then my brother, O beware,
Write your record with great care,
For the books will all be opened over there.

You are writing down the tho’ts you think,
You are writing down the deeds you do;
You are writing ev’ry word,
Whether spoken or unheard;
And in judgment they will all be brought to view. [Chorus]

What is written once cannot be changed,
But forever must remain the same:
Oh! how great should be your care,
That you make that record fair,
In that book which you are writing in your name. [Chorus]

There is just one way to write it true,
Just one way to make your record clear–
Pen each sentence and each word
In the name of Christ the Lord;
Then your open book you’ll never, never fear. [Chorus]