You Ask Me How The Blessed Lord

You ask me how the blessed Lord,
Could save a sinner, vile like me;
Could snap my fetters with his word,
And set the struggling captive free?

I do not know, I cannot tell,
I only know he saves me now!
Let hallelujah’s loudly swell,
The work is his, and he knows how!

You ask me how the Spirit’s pow’r
Can sanctify a trusting soul?
Or how the precious, healing blood,
Can cleanse from sin and make me whole? [Refrain]

You ask me how, thro’ devious ways,
His hand can guide my steps aright;
His love can comfort all my days,
His smile can make my darkness light? [Refrain]

You ask me how, when earthly life,
With all its cares and toils is past;
He’ll conquer for me in death’s strife,
And land me safe in heaven at last? [Refrain]

All questions have been set at rest;
All doubts have vanished long ago;
He knows just what for me is best,
And, by and by, I too, shall know! [Refrain]