You Ask Me Where I Get The Joys

You ask me where I get the joys
That make my heart so light,
Which all the gloom of day destroys
And gives me songs at night.

Hallelujah! I belong to the King,
I am saved now, and I have a right to sing,
For the light from heaven fills my soul,
And the night has passed away.

It is not wealth of land or gold,
Nor health or honored fame,
But joys of heaven in my soul
A heav’n in Jesus’ name. [Refrain]

I once was full of anxious fear,
I tried, but failed to see,
That all I needed was so near
The Christ that died for me. [Refrain]

I counted much upon my state
Of goodness, sense, and birth,
These only added to my fate,
They had no place or worth. [Refrain]

I then gave up myself and all,
And trusted to His care,
Who sees the sparrows e’er they fall,
And left my burden there. [Refrain]

I wish I had the tongue to tell
The comfort then was given,
How my poor soul was brought from hell,
And carried almost to heav’n. [Refrain]