You Ask Me Why I Love Him The Christ Of

You ask me why I love Him,
The Christ of Galilee,
Whose grace is higher than the sky,
And deeper than the sea;
He left His throne in glory,
That He might seek and save,
And for a sinful soul like mine
His precious blood gave.

You ask me why I love Him,
And why He loves me so;
Return with me to Calvary,
The reason then you’ll know.

You ask me why I love Him,
Whose touch has made me whole,
Whose voice is music to my heart,
Tho’ billows o’er me roll;
Who daily show’rs around me,
The blessings of His love,
And leads in paths of righteousness
To mansions built above. [Refrain]

You ask me why I love Him,
My Everlasting Light,
He gives me sunbeams for the day,
And songs to cheer the night;
But why my Saviour loves me,
I cannot understand;
I’ll know the secret of His love
In yonder radiant land. [Refrain]