You Have Heard Many Times

You have heard many times of that city so fair,
Whence trav’lers pass over each day;
You have heard it from pulpit, and listened to songs
Of green hills so far, far away.

Do you hope to e there, in that city so fair?
Then come to the Lord, seek Him now;
He is waiting today; do not turn Him away;
With peace He thy soul will endow.

It requires neither wealth or position to gain
An entrance abundance therein;
But if you would be called with the chosen of God,
Your soul must be washed from all sin. [Refrain]

Have you friends over there who are waiting for you,
And watch at the beautiful gate;
Oh, be ready to go! say not “Some other time,”
Lest “Some other time” be too late. [Refrain]