You Have Told Me Of Christ

You have told me of Christ and my heart has been stirr’d,
O tell me that story once more;
‘This the dearest and sweetest that I ever have heard,
Why have you not told it before?

O why don’t you tell the sweet story of Christ?
So many would come at his call,
If only they knew the old story from you,
The why don’t you tell it to all?

There are many would start for the mansions above,
Repenting of folly and sin,
If you would but tell of God’s wonderful love,
And help them the journey begin. [Refrain]

Why do you not tell the sweet story of Christ
Wherever a sinner is found?
Oh, tell of the love and the life sacrificed,
That maketh salvation abound. [Refrain]

Will you hasten to tell of the Lamb that was slain
To take our transgression away?
You never can tell that sweet story in vain,
Then tell it to someone today. [Refrain]