You Have Wandered Till Youre Weary

You hae wandered till you’re weary, and your heart is sick wi’ sin;
Now you halt outside your Faither’s love, afraid to enter in,
For you ken your sins hae vexed Him, and in shame you hide your face,
But, you dinna ken the deepness of your Faither’s boundless grace!
You are hindered noo frae seeing a’ the gudeness o’ His ways,
For dark sin obscures your vision, and has clouded a’ your days;
But, He’s gien His word o’ honor that you’ll a’ His glory see,
If you come back in penitence and ask Him to forgie.

You hae broken ilka promise made before you sent awa’,
But your Faither’s faithfu’ covenant still stands aboon them a’;
His leal love will never fail you, if to Him you trust yoursel’,
And His willingness to help you is far mair than tongue can tell.
He kens a’ aboot your doon-come when you tried to walk alone,
And He’s listened to your mither’s pray’rs to take you hame again,
As on bended knee she pleaded while the tears fell frae her e’e-
“O save, O save my darling boy, he’s mair than life to me.”

Oh, you canna spurn the offer o’ His love sae freely giv’n,
And with scorn treat a’ your mither’s pray’rs, and fetch tears to her een,
For there’s still a wee place in your heart your Faither’s love can feel,
And you’ve never had a friend before that likes you half sae weel.
Oh, then dinna let the chance gang by, for this may be the last,
And it will be ower late to pray, when day o’ grace is past.
Then leave a’ your ways o’ wand’ring and the sins that had you doon,
And there will be a gladsome time in that bricht hame aboon.