You Know That Christ Is Pleading

You know that Christ is pleading
From day to day with you,
You know that you are needing
His peace and pardon too;
And yet your heart you harden
And tho’ ashamed you say
I’ll ask Him for His pardon
And peace some other day.

The safest time is now,
The safest time is now,
For “some other day” death may bear you away;
The safest time is now.

You know that sin is staining
Your everlasting soul
That daily it is gaining
A more complete control;
And yet you grieve the Savior
By turning Him away,
Repeating weakly ever,
“I’ll yield some other day.” [Refrain]

O soul exert your power,
Shake off the grasp of sin,
Before it sinks you lower,
Be strong, be brave, give in,
Begin the life worth living,
Choose now the better way;
Your hand to Jesus giving
Say “Lord I come today.” [Refrain]