You May Know This Day That You Sins Are

You may know this day that your sins are gone,
If you’ll come to Christ and forsake the wrong,
If you will repent, from the heart forgive;
Do obey, believe Him, sinner, look and live.

You may have salvation if you will,
You may have salvation if you will;
If you’ll turn from sin, give your heart to Him,
You may have salvation if you will.

You may know just now that you’re justified,
That you’re clean from sin, and you’re sanctified,
And that you can live, and His law fulfill,
For He says, “Come, sinner, prove Me, if you will.” [Refrain[

You may come right here in despite of all,
If you will give heed to the Master’s call;
For the promise comes, “Whosoever will”;
Come, and drink salvation waters, flowing still. [Refrain]

You may come at once, you have no excuse
Thus to live in sin, and such great abuse
Of thy soul and all God has given thee;
Will you come this moment? He will set you free. [Refrain]

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