You Ought To Do Something For Jesus

You ought to do something for Jesus,
You ought to do something today;
If you can give help to the needy,
Why should you one moment delay?

Do something for Jesus, do something today;
The Master is calling, oh, hasten away;
Some soul may be perishing while you delay;
Do something for Jesus today.

“The pestilence walketh in darkness,
Destruction is wasting at noon;”
And souls will be wreck’d in life’s tempest,
Unless you can rescue them soon. [Chorus]

There are “sick and in prison” to visit,
And children to guide unto God;
Kind words and kind deeds to be scattered,
And sorrowful paths to be trod. [Chorus]

The gospel must go to all nations
There’s sowing and reaping to do;
And fields that are white unto harvest,
Have need now, my brother, for you. [Chorus]

You ought to do something for Jesus,
And quickly, ere daylight grows dim;
Your Saviour has died to redeem you–
Oh, won’t you do something for him? [Chorus]