You Serve But One Master

You serve but one Master-
There’s no room for two;
O say “Yes” to Jesus
Who says “Come” to you;
Each short fleeting moment
Records which you choose,-
On this side, win Jesus,
On that side, you lose.

Accept or reject Him,
Be bound or go free;
This moment, this moment
Your last choice may be.

Say not, “I’m deciding!”
For until you start
You keep back from Jesus
The trust of your heart-
Resisting against Him
Tho’ longing to yield,-
Say “Yes,” and in Jesus
The way is revealed. [Refrain]

Too long you’ve resisted,
Why add to the sin?
‘Tis late for your coming
If now you begin;
How can you oppose Him
By longer delay?
One step, and you enter
The cross-opened way. [Refrain]