You Tell Me Of A City Which Is Cameron

You tell me of a city
Which is so bright and fair;
Oh, why do not the friends I love
Talk more of going there?
I hear them speak of pleasures
Which earthly things have giv’n;
Why do they never mention
The better joys of Heav’n?

A city which hath foundations,
Whose builder and maker is God;
Which shineth afar
Like a beautiful star,
By saints and angels trod!

I think about that city
Of which I have been told,
Whose gates are made of shining pearl,
Whose streets are paved with gold.
The firm and strong foundation
Is built of jewels rare;
I’m sure that nothing earthly
Can with those walls compare. [Refrain]

Oh, dear and blessed city,
Could I but enter in,
I should be free from every pain,
From care, and doubt, and sin.
Oh, let me bear each trial
As patient as I may,
For soon will all things mortal
Forever pass away. [Refrain]