Young Men And Maids Your Praises Join

Alleluja Alleluja Alleluja

Young men and maids your Praises join,
The glorious King your King divine,
This day triumphant left his Shrine.

E’re Light apper’d on Sabbath Day,
The Disciples without delay,
Approac’d the tomb where he lay.

And Magdalene in company,
With Mary of James and Salome,
tT’anoint the corps came purposely,

An Angel cloath’d in white Array
Sitting therein, to them did say,
The Lord’s in Gallilee this Day.

The dear beloved Apostle John,
Much swifter than St. Peter run,
And first arrived at the tomb.

As in the room the Apostles were,
Our Lord amongst them did apper
And said: Peace be unto all here.

When Dydimus had heard the same,
That Christ was rose from Death again
Would yet as dubious remain.

O Thomas view my Hands, my Side,
My Feet, my wounds still fresh abide
Let Incredulity aside.

When Thomas his dear Saviour saw,
And Touc’d his wounds with trembling awe
Thou art my God said he I konw.

Blessed are they who have not seen
And yet firmly believe herein
Eterna Life, Ill give to them.

In this most holy Feast let’s raise
Our Hearts to God in Hymns and Praise
And let us Bless our Lord always

Our gratefull Thanks to God let’s give,
In Humble manner whilst we live
For all Those Favours we receive,

Alleljah. Allelujah. Alleljah.