Your Home Must Be Founded Upon The Rock

Your home must be founded upon the Rock that stands
When storms come assailing and floods wash the lands.
Securely it stands in shelter of the cross
Whose light breaks the darkness and guards against loss,
Where th’cross is on guard, evil powers are barred.

Send word unto God for His gracious help to ask,
He’ll strengthen your hands and give speed to your task.
When morning ascends, when the evening is come,
The incense of prayer let arise from your home;
And angels draw night when your prayers soar on high.

Let Him who in Cana did bless that festal day
Be daily your guest as the years pass away.
How blest is the home that Jesus calls His own,
Where He is the Lord, and His peace reigns alone.
His presence defends hearth and home of His friends.

God prosper your journey until the close of day,
And show you His love that illumines your way.
He lead you to heav’n that home on yonder shore,
Where friends meeting friends, with the ransomed of yore,
Shall ever abide as His Son’s chosen bride.