Your Savior Has Written A Message To You

Your Savior has written a message to you,
It follows wherever you roam,
And this is the message so blessed and true,
“Wherever you wander, come home!”

Come home! Come home!
Wherever you wander, come home!
Wherever you are, and wherever you roam,
Your Savior is calling: “Come home!”

No matter how dark is the stain of your sin,
His love still entreats you to come;
In Him to find healing, new life to begin,
“Wherever you wander, come home!” [Refrain]

He knows you are driven and lost in the night,
Afar on the wild billows’ foam;
For you is still burning, the home-guiding light,
“Wherever you wander, come home!” [Refrain]

His mercy and pardon, His peace and His love,
He sends you wherever you roam;
What more can He offer, your welcome to prove,
“Wherever you wander, come home!” [Refrain]