Youre Longing To Work For The Master

You’re longing to work for the Master,
Yet waiting for something to do;
You fancy the future is holding
Some wonderful mission for you;
But while you are waiting the moments
Are rapidly passing away;
O brother, awake from your dreaming,
Do something for Jesus today.

Do something, do something,
Do something for Jesus today;
O brother, the moments are passing,
Do something for Jesus today.

Go rescue that wandering brother
Who sinks ‘neath his burden of woe,
A single kind action may save him,
If love and compassion you show;
Don’t shrink from the vilest about you,
If you can but lead them from sin;
For this is the grandest of missions,-
Lost souls for the Master to win. [Refrain]

Go sing happy songs of rejoicing
With those who no sorrows have known;
Go weep with the heart-broken mourner,
Go comfort eh sad and the lone;
From pitfalls and snares of the tempter
Go rescue the thoughtless and wild;
Go win from pale lips a ‘God bless you,’
Go brighten the life of a child. [Refrain]

O never, my brother, stand waiting,
Be willing to do what you can;
The humblest service is needed,
To fill out the Father’s great plan;
Be earning your stars of rejoicing
While earth-life is passing away;
Win someone to meet you in glory,-
Do something for Jesus today. [Refrain]