Youth Health And Strength Are Ours Today

Youth, health, and strength are ours to-day,
And years to come in prospect lie;
But youth, health, strength, must soon decay,
This year–this moment, we may die.

Brought to the altar of the Lord,
Eternal enmity, we now
To sin and Satan would record;
To Christ eternal homage vow.

Lord, to Thyself our spirits draw,
Bind our affections with Thy love;
Incline our hearts to keep Thy law,
And fix our hopes on things above.

The fragrance, dew, and flower of youth,
The health and strength of Nature’s prime,
We here present;–Oh! Thine in truth
Be all our talents, all our time.

Heavenward our course on earth be bent,
Where’er our future lot is cast;
And life, thus well and wisely spent,
Be pure and holy to the last.

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