Youth Is A Happy Spring

Youth is a happy spring,
Joyous and brief;
Age, life the Autumn breath,
Sears flower and leaf.
Sow we the precious seed
While spring is fair,
Watch o’er the opening buds
With tenderest care.

This, this be our labor,
This our precious employ,
Sowing in sorrow,
To gather in joy.
This, this be our labor,
This our precious employ;
Soon we’ll welcome the harvest,
Reaping in joy.

Youth is a smiling morn,
Lovely and gay;
Clouds, ere the noontide comes,
May darken the way.
Choose ye the manna, then,
Fresh from the skies,
Ere on the dewy earth
Bright sunbeams arise. [Refrain]

Youth is a hopeful time,
Joy is in bloom;
Yet soon its pathway bright
Must lead to the tomb.
May sweet immortal hopes,
Graciously given,
Each youthful footstep guide
Till sheltered in heaven! [Refrain]

Come while the Saviour’s voice
Calls you today;
Come while the Morning Star
Shines over your way.
Come where the fount of life
Sparkles for you;
Come where its waters clear
Youth’s vigor renew. [Refrain]