Youve Wandered Far In The Fields

You’ve wandered far in the fields of sin,
You’re weak and worn with despair,
Come back, come back to the Father’s home,
With joy He’ll welcome you there.

Why, oh, why so long delay?
Jesus is calling, come today,
He’ll hear your penitent, pleading cry,
“Help me, Master, or I die!”

You’ve scorned and slighted His loving voice,
But hear Him patiently call:
“Tho’ sins like mountains around you rise,
My love can pardon them all.” [Refrain]

The peace of pardon will heal the heart,
So broken, sin-sick and sore,
The sins and errors of all the past
Shall be remembered no more. [Refrain]

Then come today with your burdened heart
And find the joy you have craved;
Believe, and sing with triumphant shout:
“My soul thro’ Jesus is saved!” [Refrain]