Zion Awake And Brighten

Zion, awake and brighten!
Lo, day begins to lighten,
Thy Light draws nigh to thee;
The brightness of His glory,
The morn of Prophets’ story,
Now shines around and over thee.

Though earth is yet beclouded,
And Gentile nations shrouded
In darkness dense and drear,
The Lord, thy Life, hath blessed thee,
With loving grace caressed thee
And crowned thy brow with honors dear.

On this broad earth the nations,
Throughout all generations,
That see the light of day,
Shall learn thy brighter glory;
And men shall haste before thee,
To see thy Light and bless its ray.

Behold the surging masses!
Thy Light doth draw all classes,
The world turns unto thee,
Thy fame hath reached their hearing,
Their sons and daughters, nearing,
Haste at thy shrine to bend the knee.

Thy heart shall leap within thee
when thou shalt see th’assembly,
Th’abundance of the sea;
Thine eyes shall feast on courses
Of myriad Gentile forces,
That come converted unto thee.

There are glad delegations
From Ephah and far nations,
And clouds from Midian;
With gold shall Saba cheer thee,
And incense; all that near thee
Shall sing thy praise, O chosen One!