Zion Receive Thy Glorious King

Zion receive thy glorious king!
Behold, he comes to thee:
Thy songs of thanks andpraises sing;
He comes to set thee free.

Behold he comes from heav’n above,
To thee He doth decend;
He comes with pitty, grace and love,
As brother, lord and friend.

Yes, true! he comes in meanest state,
To dwell a while below;
And yet the work is wond’rous great
For him on earth to do.

He comes to save all Adam’s race,
By shedding of his blood;
And thereby makes them heirs of grace,
And also sons of God.

His grace divine, and spirits aid,
Tho’ we are prone to ill–
Can soon effect the change we need
To sanctify our will.

And thus it is that we receive
The Saviour in our heart;
Then we desire with him to live
And ne’er with him to part.