Zion Rejoice And Judah Sing

Zion, rejoice, and Judah, sing,
The Lord assumes his throne;
Let Britain own the heav’nly King,
And make his glories known.

The great, the wicked, and the proud,
From their high seats are hurled;
Jehovah rides upon a cloud,
And thunders through the world.

He reigns upon th’ eternal hills,
Distributes mortal crowns,
Empires are fixed beneath his smiles,
And totter at his frowns.

Navies that rule the ocean wide
Are vanquished by his breath;
And legions armed with power and pride
Descend to wat’ry death.

Let tyrants make no more pretence
To vex our happy land;
Jehovah’s name is our defence,
Our buckler is his hand.

[Long may the king, our sovereign, live,
To rule us by thy word;
And all the honors he can give
Be offered to the Lord.]