Zions Mount His Royal Seat

Zion’s mount His royal seat,
And no pow’r His throne shall move;
Ages gather at His feet,
Son of God’s eternal love.

Hail, hail, King of Zion!
Hail, Lord of lords, and King of kings!
Reign forever, King of Zion;
Reign, blessed King, forevermore.

All the world His name shall fear,
All the world from shore to shore;
Every isle His voice shall hear,
And the heathen rage no more. [Refrain]

He shall mold each stubborn will,
As the potter molds the clay,
Till rebellious hearts are stilled,
And submissive to His sway. [Refrain]

Haste our early gifts to bring,
Haste obedient faith to prove,
Haste with songs to Zion’s King,
Son of God’s eternal love.