A Good High Priest Is Come – Hymn Lyric

Experience the grace and truth brought by a good high priest who surpasses Aaron's legacy. Learn how Jesus faced and conquered temptations

A Good High Priest Is Come – Hymn Lyric



A Good High Priest Is Come – Hymn Lyric

A good High Priest is come,
supplying Aaron’s place,
and taking up his room,
dispensing life and grace;
the law by Aaron’s priesthood came,
but grace and truth by Jesus’ name.

He once temptations knew
of every sort and kind,
that He might succor show
to every tempted mind;
in every point the Lamb was tried
like us, and then for us He died.

He died, but lives again,
and by the throne He stands,
there shows how He was slain,
opening His pierced hands;
our Priest abides and pleads the cause
of us who have transgressed His laws.

I other priests disclaim,
and laws and off’rings too;
none but the bleeding Lamb
the mighty work can do;
He shall have all the praise: for He
has loved, and died, and lives for me.


Meaning of A Good High Priest Is Come

A Good High Priest Is Come: Bringing Life and Grace to All

In this hymn, we are reminded of the significance of a good high priest who has come to take up Aaron’s place. This high priest is none other than Jesus, who not only fulfills the role of the Old Testament high priest but surpasses it in every way. Through His life, death, and resurrection, Jesus brings us the ultimate gift of grace and truth.

The hymn starts by acknowledging that the Law came through Aaron’s priesthood, but now, with Jesus, grace and truth are dispensed through His name. This sets the stage for understanding the vital role Jesus plays in our lives as our high priest.

Unlike any other high priest, Jesus experienced various temptations during His time on earth. By going through these temptations Himself, Jesus can sympathize and show compassion to every tempted mind. He understands our struggles because He also faced them. This knowledge gives us comfort, knowing that we have a high priest who can truly relate to our daily battles.

Not only did Jesus face temptations, but He also triumphed over them. The hymn highlights that in every point, Jesus was tried and tested just like us. Yet, despite facing these trials, He unconditionally loved us and willingly laid down His life for our salvation. His death on the cross became the ultimate sacrifice that atoned for our sins, giving us forgiveness and the opportunity for eternal life.

But the hymn doesn’t end there. It emphasizes the resurrection of Jesus and His continued presence in our lives. It affirms that Jesus lives again, standing by the throne of God, showing His pierced hands as a reminder of His sacrifice. Through His resurrection, Jesus reveals His victory over sin and death, offering hope and assurance to all who believe in Him.

As our high priest, Jesus not only secured our salvation but also advocates on our behalf. The hymn reminds us that He abides and pleads the cause of those who have transgressed His laws. He intercedes for us, seeking God’s mercy and grace in our lives. This assurance helps us understand that we have an advocate who fights for us and believes in our ultimate redemption.

The hymn also emphasizes that there is no need for any other priests, laws, or offerings. Only the bleeding Lamb, Jesus Himself, can accomplish the mighty work of our salvation. His sacrificial love is unmatched, and He alone deserves all the praise and glory. Through His perfect obedience and sacrifice, Jesus demonstrated His love for us, and through faith in Him, we can experience the fullness of His grace and salvation.

In conclusion, this hymn beautifully expresses the greatness of Jesus as our high priest. It highlights His ability to sympathize with our struggles, His triumph over temptation, His sacrificial death, His resurrection, and His ongoing intercession and advocacy for us. Jesus brings us life and grace that surpasses anything the world can offer. As we sing this hymn, let us remember and rejoice in the truth that a good high priest has come, and His name is Jesus.


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