A New Heart Lord Create In Me – Hymn Lyric

Unlock the Power of Transformation: A New Heart

A New Heart Lord Create In Me – Hymn Lyric

“A New Heart, Lord, Create in Me: The Power of Transformation” explores the deep desire for a fresh start and a chance to become better versions of ourselves. The hymn acknowledges the need for a heart freed from sin and guilt, and emphasizes the importance of guarding against sin to allow transformation to take place. By inviting Jesus and the Holy Spirit into our lives, we can experience a profound change and live a life dedicated to God’s service.


A New Heart Lord Create In Me – Hymn Lyric

A new heart, Lord, create in me,
A heart from sin and guilt set free;
O close the gate and guard the door,
That sin may enter in no more.

To you my soul I open wide;
Come, Jesus, and in me abide,
And from the temple of my heart
Make all unrighteousness depart.

O let your Holy Spirit’s light,
With all your heavenly radiance bright,
Flow through my spirit like a flood,
Eternal source of every good.

Thus to my cleansed and contrite heart
Your heavenly riches, Lord, impart,
So that your wisdom, truth, and grace
May make my heart a fruitful place.

Then I will tell in grateful song
The praises that to you belong;
My joy will be, my whole life through,
To consecrate myself to you.


Meaning of A New Heart Lord Create In Me

A New Heart, Lord, Create in Me: The Power of Transformation

Have you ever wished you could start over? To have a clean slate, free from the mistakes and burdens of your past? Deep down, we all desire a fresh start, a chance to become better versions of ourselves. In the hymn, “A New Heart, Lord, Create in Me,” we find a powerful plea for exactly that – a transformative change of heart. Let’s explore the meaning behind these heartfelt words and how they can inspire us to seek a new beginning.

The hymn begins by acknowledging the need for a new heart, one that is freed from sin and guilt. Sin weighs us down and separates us from God’s love and grace. It acts as a barrier, preventing us from fully experiencing the abundant life that God has planned for us. But by recognizing our shortcomings and confessing our need for change, we take the first step towards transformation.

The imagery of a gate and a door is used to symbolize the protection we need from sin. Just as we lock our doors to keep unwanted guests out of our homes, we should guard our hearts against the temptations and influences of sin. The hymn reminds us to be vigilant in our efforts to shut sin out, so that it may not find a dwelling place within us. With God’s help, we can fortify our hearts and keep sin at bay.

Opening our souls wide to Jesus allows His presence to abide within us. This imagery suggests an openness and vulnerability, an invitation for Jesus to make a home in our hearts. When we invite Him in, we embrace His love, grace, and transformative power. His presence within us can chase away the darkness of unrighteousness and cleanse our hearts, paving the way for a new beginning.

The hymn then calls for the Holy Spirit’s light to flow through our spirits like a flood, illuminating our lives and guiding our steps. The Holy Spirit is portrayed as a source of heavenly radiance and an eternal wellspring of goodness. When we surrender ourselves to the Spirit’s influence, we tap into a divine stream of wisdom, truth, and grace. It is through the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives that our hearts become fertile ground for spiritual growth and transformation.

As our hearts are cleansed and made fertile, the hymn encourages us to receive God’s heavenly riches. This refers to the abundance of blessings and spiritual treasures that God desires to bestow upon us. These riches include not only material provisions but also the intangible gifts of wisdom, truth, and grace. The more our hearts align with God’s will, the more we are able to receive and appreciate these heavenly riches.

With transformed hearts, we find joy and gratitude overflowing within us. The hymn expresses a desire to sing the praises that belong to God, to testify about the incredible work He has done in our lives. Once we experience the power of transformation, our lives become a testament to His grace and love. We find joy not just in the moment of change but in dedicating our entire lives to God’s service.

In conclusion, the hymn “A New Heart, Lord, Create in Me” is a beautiful expression of the human longing for transformation and a fresh start. It reminds us that true change begins with acknowledging our need for a new heart, guarded against sin. Through inviting Jesus into our lives, allowing the Holy Spirit to work within us, and embracing the heavenly riches God offers, we can experience a profound transformation. With hearts cleansed and renewed, we are called to a life of praise and consecration, dedicating ourselves to God’s service and sharing the good news of His transforming power. May we all find the courage to open ourselves wide to Jesus, inviting Him to create in us a new heart.


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