A Weary Pilgrim Sat – Hymn Lyric

Experience hope and peace in the midst of darkness. "A Weary Pilgrim Sat" depicts a tired traveler finding solace and support on their journey.

A Weary Pilgrim Sat – Hymn Lyric



A Weary Pilgrim Sat – Hymn Lyric

A weary pilgrim sat, above a gloomy stream,
A lamp he firmly held, shed round a cheerful gleam:
It showed that river’s farther banks, crowded with wistful spirit ranks.

He cometh to the stream, adown a rough ravine,
The lamp still in his hand, by friends above is seen;
And friends beyond can see him come, his lamp reveals him through the gloom.

Now mid the rushing tide, the Faithful One he sees
With arms spread open wide, to bear him into Peace:
And in the world where he is gone, they need no lamp nor light of sun.


Meaning of A Weary Pilgrim Sat

A Weary Pilgrim Sat: Finding Hope and Peace in the Midst of Darkness

In life’s journey, there are moments when we feel tired and burdened, like a weary pilgrim sitting by a gloomy stream. We may encounter challenges, uncertainties, and hardships that make us question our path. However, amid the darkness, there is always a glimmer of hope that can shine brightly and guide us towards peace. This is beautifully depicted in the hymn “A Weary Pilgrim Sat.”

The hymn begins by introducing us to a weary pilgrim sitting above a gloomy stream, holding a lamp that sheds a cheerful gleam. This lamp symbolizes the light of faith and hope that the pilgrim carries within him. It provides a sense of direction, illuminating the way even amidst the darkest and most difficult times. By holding the lamp firmly, the weary pilgrim shows determination and perseverance in seeking a better future, both for himself and those around him.

As the pilgrim approaches the stream, descending through a rough ravine, his friends above can see the light emanating from his lamp. This suggests that he is not alone in his journey; he has a support system. Friends and loved ones are cheering him on, encouraging him to keep going. This aspect reminds us of the importance of community, for it is often through the strength and love of those around us that we find the courage to face life’s challenges and continue moving forward.

Moreover, the hymn emphasizes that not only are there friends above who can see the pilgrim’s light, but there are also friends beyond the stream eagerly awaiting his arrival. This reveals the existence of a spiritual realm where souls cheerfully gather, anticipating the pilgrim’s journey to completion. It speaks to the idea that, even in the midst of trials, we are never alone. There are unseen forces cheering us on, guiding us towards our ultimate destination.

Now, amidst the rushing tide, the weary pilgrim finally sees the Faithful One with arms spread open wide, ready to embrace him and lead him into peace. This Faithful One represents the divine, a source of unwavering love and support. It is a powerful reminder that, no matter how difficult life may seem, there is always solace to be found in a higher power. This concept is associated with various religious and spiritual beliefs, but at its core, it is a universal message of finding comfort and guidance in something greater than ourselves.

The hymn concludes by stating that in the world where the Faithful One resides, there is no need for a lamp or the light of the sun. This signifies that, in the presence of pure love, there is no darkness that can overshadow us. It reassures us that, when we ultimately reach our destination, we will find everlasting peace and fulfillment. It also suggests that the struggles and hardships we face in this life serve a purpose – they strengthen us, shape us, and lead us closer to the ultimate source of hope and peace.

In summary, “A Weary Pilgrim Sat” conveys a message of hope, perseverance, and finding solace in the midst of darkness. It reminds us that, no matter how tired or burdened we may feel, there is always a light within us that can guide us towards a brighter future. It encourages us to lean on the support of our loved ones and trust in a higher power to provide comfort and strength in challenging times. Ultimately, it assures us that our journey, though filled with struggles, will lead us to a place of eternal peace and joy. May we all find inspiration in the words of this hymn and continue to walk our paths with unwavering hope and faith.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience hope and peace in the midst of darkness. A Weary Pilgrim Sat depicts a tired traveler finding solace and support on their journey.


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