After Clouds We See The Sun – Hymn Lyric

Find hope and joy in the midst of challenges with "After Clouds We See The Sun." Embrace faith

After Clouds We See The Sun – Hymn Lyric

After Clouds We See The Sun: Finding Hope and Joy in the Midst of Challenges Life is full of ups and downs, and when clouds of sorrow and pain surround us, it can be difficult to see the light. However, this hymn reminds us that after clouds, we see the sun. It is in these moments of darkness that we have the opportunity to find solace, comfort, and ultimately, hope.


After Clouds We See The Sun – Hymn Lyric

After clouds we see the sun,
Joy we feel when grief is gone,
After bitter pain and sore
Cometh consolation’s hour.

Then my soul that sank before,
Even down to hell’s dark door,
To the heavenly choir doth soar.

He ‘fore whom the world shall flee,
In my spirit comforts me,
With His high and mighty hand,
Tears me from the hellish band.

With the love to me He shows,
Swells my heart and overflows,
And my blood with rapture glows.

Did I e’er ‘neath sorrow bend?
Did my heart grief ever rend?
Have I e’er been vexed sore?
Satan e’er fooled me before?

Aye – but henceforth am I free,
Faithfully thou shieldest me,
My salvation comes from Thee!

What thou mean’st, my bitter foe!
By thy deeds towards me I know;
Truly thou with all thy power
Seek’st me ever to devour.

Had I too much trusted thee,
Then had’st thou, ere I could see,
In thy snares entangled me.

All the guile I know full well
That in thy bad heart doth dwell;
Thou my God malign’st to me,
Turn’st His praise to obloquy;

Speaketh out His loving heart,
Keeps He silence on His part,
All He doth dost thou pervert.

If I hope and look for good,
If I’m in a joyous mood,
From my mind thou driv’st away
Every good thought – and dost say:
“God doth far from thee abide,
Riseth high misfortune’s tide
Round thee now on every side.”

Hence depart! thou lying mouth,
Here is God’s own ground in truth,
For the face of God is here,
And the beauteous light and clear
Of His favor, here doth rise,

All His word and counsel wise,
Opened are now before mine eyes.

God lets none in sadness stay,
He with shame drives none away,
Who themselves up to Him give,
With the whole heart to Him cleave,

Who their cares on Him aye cast,
And hope in Him – joy at last,
For the soul and body taste.

Though it comes not as we will,
Just to-day – yet be thou still,
For perchance to-morrow may
Be the bright and joyous day.

God’s time comes with measured step,
When it comes His word He’ll keep,
And joy’s harvest we shall reap.

Ah! how often did I think,
As my feet began to sink
‘Neath the heavy load of care,
In the mire of blank despair,

Now there is no hope for me,
Rest for me there cannot be
Till I enter death’s dark sea.

But my God put forth His power
To avert and to restore,
That I ne’er enough can tell
What His arm hath done so well;

When no path I could descry,
When no help to guide was nigh,
Help God sent me from on high.

When I timid and perplexed
Often have my spirit vexed,
Sleepless tossed through all the night,
Sick at heart when dawned the light,

When heart failed me utterly,
Hast Thou then appeared to me,
Turning my captivity.

Now as long as here I roam,
Have on earth a house and home,
‘Fore mine eyes continually
Shall this thing of wonder be.

All my life long shall I bring
Offerings of thanks, and sing
Songs of praise to God my King.

Every grief and every smart,
By the eternal Father’s heart
Ever yet appointed me,
Or that may hereafter be

Chosen for me, all my days
From His gracious hand always,
I’ll receive with joy and praise.

I will tread woe’s bitter path,
I will onward go to death,
I into the grave will go,
Still my heart with joy shall glow.

Whom the Highest will raise high,
Whom th’ Almighty standeth nigh,
Ne’er can perish utterly.


Meaning of After Clouds We See The Sun

After Clouds We See The Sun: Finding Hope and Joy in the Midst of Challenges

Life is full of ups and downs. We all experience difficult moments, moments when it feels like the clouds are surrounding us, overshadowing the happiness and joy we once knew. But just as the hymn suggests, after clouds, we see the sun. It is in these moments of darkness that we have the opportunity to find solace, comfort, and ultimately, hope.

When we face grief and pain, it can be incredibly overwhelming. It feels like a weight pulling us down, threatening to consume us. However, in these moments, we should take comfort in the fact that joy will come once the sorrow has passed. It may be difficult to see it in the midst of our pain, but light often follows darkness. It is a reminder that even in our lowest moments, there is a glimmer of hope that things will get better.

There is something truly remarkable about the human spirit. No matter how far we may fall, we have the capacity to soar once again, just like the soul described in the hymn that sank down to hell’s dark door, but then ascended to the heavenly choir. It is a testament to the resilience of the human soul, always seeking a way out of the depths and into the light.

In times of trouble, we may find ourselves feeling alone, as if the world has turned its back on us. But the hymn reminds us that there is someone who is always there to comfort us – the one before whom the world shall flee. This comforting presence, embodied in the love shown to us, lifts our spirits and fills our hearts. It is a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles.

Sometimes, it is our bitterest foes that push us closer to finding solace and salvation. They try to devour us, seeking to bring us down to their level. However, they fail to realize that our faith and trust in a higher power shield us from their harm. It is through our faith that we find the strength to overcome their challenges and emerge stronger than ever.

Our bitter foes often try to twist the truth and turn goodness into evil. They malign the name of our God, suggesting that He is silent or indifferent to our suffering. But we must not be swayed by their deceitful words. Instead, we must hold on to the truth and steadfastly believe that God’s love and wisdom will prevail. We cannot allow our enemies to distort the beautiful message of hope and salvation that God whispers to our hearts.

There may be times when we feel abandoned, when it seems like misfortune is always at our doorstep. It is in these moments that our faith is tested the most. But we must learn to trust in God’s timing. His plans are not always aligned with our expectations, but His time is perfect. As difficult as it may be, we must remain patient, knowing that joy will come with each measured step.

When we find ourselves sinking in the quicksand of despair, it is easy to lose sight of any hope for a better tomorrow. We may start to believe that there is no escape, that death is the only way out. But the hymn reminds us that God’s power is limitless. He has the ability to avert our destruction, to restore our hope when all seems lost. We can never fully comprehend the miracles He performs in our lives.

Sometimes, life throws us curveballs that leave us feeling lost and perplexed. We may wander aimlessly, seeking guidance and succumbing to sleepless nights filled with worry. But even in our darkest moments, God appears to us, guiding us out of our confusion and turning our despair into hope. He is the light that shines through the darkness, leading us to the path of redemption.

As we journey through life, we may face countless challenges and hardships. Yet, in the deepest recesses of our souls, we can find solace in the knowledge that we have a heavenly home, a place where the face of God shines brightly. It is in His presence that we find the strength to overcome adversity, to offer our gratitude and praise for the blessings we receive.

Every grief, every sorrow that we experience is never in vain. It is all part of a grand plan orchestrated by the eternal Father’s heart. He has carefully chosen each trial, knowing that it will ultimately shape us into the people we are meant to be. And so, we can confront each day with joy and gratitude, knowing that whatever comes our way is a gift from His gracious hand.

Embracing a life filled with challenges and pain may seem daunting, but it is through these experiences that we truly learn to appreciate the beauty of joy and happiness. It is through the contrast of sorrow that we can fully understand and cherish the moments of delight. By navigating the bitter path and accepting the inevitability of death, we open ourselves up to a life filled with joy, knowing that we are not alone in our journey.

For those who stand close to the Highest, for those who remain steadfast in their faith, there is an assurance that they shall not perish. The Almighty stands by their side, providing strength and guidance as they navigate life’s challenges. They are the ones who will always find the sun after the clouds, and who will bask in the beauty of joy and hope.

In conclusion, the hymn “After Clouds We See The Sun” reminds us that even in the darkest moments, there is always hope. It speaks to the resilience of the human spirit and the unwavering love and support of a higher power. We are encouraged to hold on to our faith, to trust in God’s timing, and to embrace every challenge as an opportunity for growth. Through it all, we can find solace and joy, knowing that after clouds, we will always see the sun.


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