All I Can Say – Hymn Lyric

Find strength in vulnerability with the hymn "All I Can Say." Expressing exhaustion

All I Can Say – Hymn Lyric



All I Can Say – Hymn Lyric

Lord I’m tired, so tired from walking
And Lord, I’m so alone
And Lord, the dark is creeping in, creeping up to swallow me

I think I’ll stop, rest here awhile.
This is all that I can say right now and (I know it’s not much)
This is all that I can give.

And didn’t you see me crying?
And didn’t You hear me call Your name?
Wasn’t it You I gave my heart to?

I wish You’d remember where You sat it down,

I didn’t notice You were standing here,
I didn’t know that that was You holding me.
I didn’t notice You were crying too,
I didn’t know that that was You washing my feet,


Meaning of All I Can Say

All I Can Say: Finding Strength in Vulnerability

In this hymn, the author expresses feelings of exhaustion, loneliness, and the encroaching darkness that surrounds them. They acknowledge their need for rest and their limited ability to give more. Despite feeling unnoticed and unheard, they long for a connection with the divine, someone they had once given their heart to.

The lyrics resonate with many who have experienced moments of weariness and despair. These words capture the essence of vulnerability and the yearning for comfort and support. The title “All I Can Say” encapsulates the sense of reaching the limits of one’s own strength, and reflects the human need to rely on something greater.

It is not uncommon for individuals to feel tired and alone. Life’s challenges, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual, can weigh heavily on our shoulders. Sometimes, it feels as though darkness is creeping closer, threatening to overwhelm us. We find ourselves longing to stop and rest, to find solace from our weariness.

The hymn presents the image of someone standing before the Divine, pouring out their heartache and questioning their unnoticed cries. It speaks to the universal desire for companionship and understanding, especially in times of hardship. We all crave that feeling of being seen and heard, of having our struggles acknowledged.

In the midst of our despair, we may find comfort in knowing that we are not alone in our pain. The hymn suggests that the Divine is not just a distant figure, but a compassionate presence who stands beside us. The author expresses surprise and regret for not recognizing the divine presence sooner – the One who has been holding them and sharing in their tears.

The lyrics evoke a sense of regret, as if the author wishes they had noticed the divine presence earlier. It speaks to the human tendency to overlook the small miracles and blessings that surround us. Perhaps, if we were more attentive, we would realize that the Divine has been with us all along, gently guiding and supporting us.

This hymn also highlights the mutual vulnerability between the Divine and humanity. Just as the author didn’t notice the Divine’s presence, they didn’t realize that the Divine was crying alongside them. It reminds us that the Divine understands our pain and is intimately connected to our suffering. We are not alone in our tears; the One who holds us also weeps with us.

Moreover, the hymn paints a poignant image of the Divine washing the author’s feet. This act of service symbolizes humility and love. It reminds us that the Divine is not distant, but actively involved in our lives. The Divine is willing to stoop down and perform the most humble of tasks for the sake of our well-being. Through this act, the hymn invites us to consider how the Divine’s love and care may manifest in unexpected and seemingly ordinary ways.

“All I Can Say” is a hymn that speaks to the human condition, capturing the essence of vulnerability and longing for connection. It reminds us that it is okay to admit our weariness, to seek rest and support. It encourages us to reach out to something greater, knowing that there is a compassionate presence who wants to hold us, comfort us, and wash away our burdens.

In times of darkness and exhaustion, let these lyrics be a reminder that we are not alone. The Divine is ever-present, patiently waiting for us to recognize their love and care. In vulnerability, we find strength, and in embracing our limitations, we open ourselves up to the possibility of receiving divine grace.

So, when you feel tired and alone, when darkness creeps in and it becomes difficult to go on, remember these words: “Lord, I’m


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