All My Life Long Have My Steps Been Attended – Hymn Lyric

Discover the enduring friendship and guidance of our Heavenly Father in "All My Life Long Have My Steps Been Attended." Find solace in His unwavering presence throughout life's journey.

All My Life Long Have My Steps Been Attended – Hymn Lyric



All My Life Long Have My Steps Been Attended – Hymn Lyric

All my life long have my steps been attended,
Surely by One who regarded my ways;
Tenderly watched over, sweetly befriended,
Blessings have followed my nights and my days.

Tears have been quenched in the sunshine of gladness,
Anthems of sorrow been turned into song;
Angels have brightened the pathway of sadness,
Summer and winter, yea, all my life long.

All in the dark would I be, and uncertain
Whither to go, but for One at my side,
Who from the future removes the dim curtain,
Seeing the glory to mortals denied.

No other friend would so patiently lead me,
No other friend prove so faithful and strong;
With angels’ food He has promised to feed me,
Who has befriended me all my life long.

He will not weary of my poor endurance,
Infinite love will the finite outlast;
But for my heavenly Father’s assurance,
Into the depths of despair I were cast.

This is my star in a midnight of sorrow;
This is my refuge, my strength and my song.
Earth is today, but there’s heaven tomorrow;
Jesus will guide me thro’ all my life long.


Meaning of All My Life Long Have My Steps Been Attended

All My Life Long Have My Steps Been Attended: A Journey of Faith and Friendship

Life is a journey filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows, triumphs and trials. Throughout our lives, we often seek comfort, guidance, and support from those around us, especially during difficult times. But there is one friend who has been with us every step of the way, watching over us, guiding us, and showering us with blessings – our Heavenly Father.

In the hymn “All My Life Long Have My Steps Been Attended,” the lyrics beautifully express the unwavering presence of this divine companion in the poet’s life. It speaks of a friendship that goes beyond earthly limitations, offering solace, strength, and hope in both the brightest and darkest moments.

Life can be filled with uncertainty and darkness, where we stumble in search of the right path to take. However, the hymn reassures us that even in the midst of confusion, we are not alone. We have someone at our side who sees beyond the present and offers glimpses of the future. Like a trusted guide, this cherished friend removes the veil of uncertainty and reveals the glories that lie ahead.

Isn’t it comforting to know that even when we feel lost and disheartened, we have a faithful companion who never wearies of our struggles? The hymn highlights the boundless love and endurance of our Heavenly Father. His infinite love surpasses our finite understanding, and it is this love that carries us through the toughest of times. With Him by our side, we can confidently face any challenge that comes our way, knowing that we are not alone.

Just as the hymn proclaims, our Heavenly Father’s friendship is not limited by time or circumstance. It is an everlasting bond that we can cherish throughout our lives. Through the lyrics, we are reminded of the countless blessings and tender mercies that have followed us day and night. In moments of joy, those blessings quench our tears, transforming sorrow into songs of gratitude. And in times of sadness, angels are sent to brighten our weary souls, helping us find light amidst the darkness.

To have a friend so devoted and faithful is a remarkable gift. The hymn acknowledges this truth by emphasizing the unique role our Heavenly Father plays in our lives. No other companion can lead us with such patience and assurance. No other friend can provide the strength we need to persevere. Our Heavenly Father promises to nourish us with heavenly sustenance, granting us the strength to face each day. In His love and care, we find a refuge – a safe haven where we can seek solace and find renewed strength.

Even in the face of despair and suffering, the hymn assures us that there is a guiding star illuminating our path. It is a symbol of hope, reminding us that our present hardships are but fleeting moments in the grand scheme of eternity. While we may experience trials and tribulations on this earthly journey, we can find comfort in the knowledge that heaven awaits us. Our friend, Jesus Christ, will continue to guide us, assuring us that a brighter tomorrow lies ahead.

This hymn resonates with people from all walks of life, regardless of age or circumstance. Its beautiful imagery and heartfelt words touch the depths of our souls and remind us of the undeniable presence of God. Whether we are young or old, facing challenges or celebrating triumphs, we can find solace in knowing that our steps are indeed attended.

In conclusion, “All My Life Long Have My Steps Been Attended” is a powerful testament to the enduring friendship we have with our Heavenly Father. It reminds us that we are never alone, that we have a constant companion who lovingly watches over us. Through both joy and sorrow, our Heavenly Father’s presence remains unwavering, guiding us, comforting us, and leading us to a brighter future. May we always remember the profound truth expressed in this hymn and find solace in the knowledge that we are cherished and attended to, all our lives long.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the enduring friendship and guidance of our Heavenly Father in All My Life Long Have My Steps Been Attended. Find solace in His unwavering presence throughout life's journey.


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