All Over Lovely Is My Lord And God – Hymn Lyric

Experience the wonder of our Lord and God

All Over Lovely Is My Lord And God – Hymn Lyric

The content of the poem centers around the overwhelming love and sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, highlighting His grace and mercy towards humanity. It emphasizes the beauty and wonder of our Lord and God, praising Him for His wisdom, strength, and righteousness. The author exudes gratitude and admiration for Jesus’ eternal love and grace, reflecting on His sacrifice and the peace and salvation it brings to believers.


All Over Lovely Is My Lord And God – Hymn Lyric

All over lovely is my Lord and God,
When nail’d on Calv’ry to a Cross of Wood;
My Praise attends his Blood, his Name I’ll bless,
He is my Wisdom, Strength and Righteousness.

Deep Floods of everlasting Wrath and Grace,
Strove which should deluge Man in Jusu’s Face,
Whilst bleeding Love, hung pleading on his Brow
For Peace, and Pardon, to the Church below.

The Floods of Grace, now with tremendous Swell,
Drowns all our Sin, and Curse, and Fear of Hell,
Whilst from our bleeding God we still derive
Our Peace, and in his Wounds we’ll ever live.

On us distills his Merits, Blood and Grace;
His wounded Form we’ll yet by Faith embrace;
It’s here! We positively cry, my God
And tremblingly with Joy we praise his Blood.

We in his Body our Election see,
He with himself hath made us children free;
Our elder Brother, (O the friendly Name!)
Is God Almighty,yet the slaughter’d Lamb.

Praise, endless Praise to thee, O Christ, be giv’n;
Praise, endless Praise to thee, thou King of Heav’n:
Ere long thy Praise shall be our whole Employ,
When thou, O Lamb, shall perfect all our Joy.


Meaning of All Over Lovely Is My Lord And God

Oh, how wonderful and lovely is our Lord and God! When we think about how He sacrificed Himself on the cross for us, it fills our hearts with praise and gratitude. His blood cleanses us from sin, His name brings us blessings, and He is our source of wisdom, strength, and righteousness.

As we reflect on the deep floods of grace and wrath that Jesus faced on Calvary, we are in awe of His love for us. Despite the overwhelming challenges He endured, His love never wavered. He hung on the cross, bleeding and pleading for peace and forgiveness for all of humanity.

The floods of grace continue to pour over us, washing away our sins and fears of punishment. Through His sacrifice, we find peace and salvation. We rely on His merits, blood, and grace to sustain us, knowing that His wounds bring us life and freedom.

In Jesus, we find our true identity and purpose. He has chosen us to be His children, setting us free from sin and death. As our elder brother, He is both powerful and compassionate, the Lamb who was slain for our sake.

Let us lift our voices in endless praise to Christ, the King of Heaven. One day, our entire existence will be devoted to praising Him, experiencing the fullness of joy that He promises to those who love Him.

So, let us rejoice in the goodness of our Lord and God, basking in His love and grace. May His sacrifice inspire us to live in faith and gratitude, knowing that He is indeed all over lovely in every way.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the wonder of our Lord and God, His sacrifice, and boundless love. Praise His name, embrace His grace, and find peace in His sacrifice. All Over Lovely Is My Lord And God - Praise Him!


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