All The Music Sung And Played Here Is A Gift – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Gift of Music: Celebrating its Power Here

All The Music Sung And Played Here Is A Gift – Hymn Lyric

All The Music Sung And Played Here Is A Gift In this celebration of the power of music, we recognize that all the music sung and played in our lives is a gift from God. Through the melodies and harmonies, we find a way to express our faith and offer thanks and praise. Whether through singing, playing instruments, or even sign language, music unites us and connects us to God and each other.


All The Music Sung And Played Here Is A Gift – Hymn Lyric

All the music sung and played
here is a gift, O God, from you.
For as long as we have prayed
here, we’ve been blessed by music, too.

By your Spirit, each musician
finds new depths of faith to share.
Music is a gift you’ve given
and becomes our thankful prayer.

All creation sings your glory;
in the Psalms are pain and praise.
Mary sang your saving story
in her long, expectant days.

Through the years, with great emotion,
some have reached to you in song.
May we sing with such devotion;
music helps your church grow strong!

You give hymns and songs for singing,
toes for tapping your good news,
Organ sounding, hand bells ringing,
faithful hearers in the pews.

With the trumpet and the cymbal,
with guitar and violin,
Faith is found here and rekindled;
hearts are lifted, once again.

Bless the talents we are bringing,
for we offer you our best.
If our gifts are not in singing,
may our joyful noise be blest.

If our world is ever silent,
may we sign to you above.
Touched by grace, may each one present
offer back your song of love.


Meaning of All The Music Sung And Played Here Is A Gift

All the Music Sung and Played Here is a Gift: Celebrating the Power of Music in our Lives

Music is a wonderful gift that we receive from you, O God. Whenever we gather together to pray and worship, we are blessed by the beautiful melodies and harmonies that fill our hearts and souls. Through the power of your Spirit, musicians are able to express their faith and touch the lives of others through the gift of music. It becomes our way of offering thanks and praise to you.

Just as all creation sings your glory, so do we, your beloved children. In the Psalms, we find both pain and praise, and music becomes a way for us to express the full range of human emotions. We remember the story of Mary, who sang your saving story during her long, expectant days. Her song of joy and anticipation resonates with us, reminding us of the power of music to help us connect with you.

Throughout the years, many have reached out to you through song with great devotion and passion. As we gather in your church, may we continue to sing with the same dedication, allowing music to strengthen our faith and bring us closer to you. For you have given us hymns and songs to sing, melodies that make our toes tap with the good news of your love. The organ sounds and the handbells ring, resonating within the hearts of the faithful listeners in the pews.

Not only do we find music in the traditional instruments, but also in the trumpet and cymbal, the guitar and violin. These instruments bring us joy and stir our souls, igniting the fire of faith within us. It is through the power of music that we feel your presence and our hearts are lifted, once again, to new heights of worship and adoration.

As we bring our talents and offer them to you, we pray that you bless us and accept our best. Even if our gifts do not lie in singing, may our joyful noise and heartfelt expressions still be blessed by you. In the moments when the world seems silent, when words fail us, may we still find a way to communicate with you through the beauty of sign language. Touched by your grace, may each one of us present offer back to you a song of love, a melody that speaks of our gratitude and devotion.

Music has the power to unite communities, to heal wounds, and to bring people together in worship. It speaks to our souls, transcending barriers of language and culture. It is a universal language that connects us to you and to one another, reminding us of our shared humanity and the love that binds us all.

So, let us celebrate the gift of music in our lives. Let us raise our voices in song, play the instruments with passion, and let the melodies resound in our hearts. For when we embrace the beauty of music, we are giving thanks for the incredible gift you have bestowed upon us. May we always cherish and treasure this gift, using it to spread your love and joy to all who hear.

All the music sung and played here truly is a gift from you, O God. And we are eternally grateful.


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