All To Jesus Bringing – Hymn Lyric

Bring all to Jesus - talents

All To Jesus Bringing – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “All To Jesus Bringing,” we are reminded to bring everything to Jesus – our talents, love, and praises. Jesus is our true friend who bears our sadness and gives us light and gladness, guiding us with love and support. By serving Him and clinging to His strength, we find joy and courage, knowing that Jesus will never fail us.


All To Jesus Bringing – Hymn Lyric

All to Jesus bringing,
With delight and singing,
For to Him alone each blessing we owe;
He hath borne our sadness,
Given light and gladness,
And a truer friend we never shall know.

All to Jesus we will bring,
Talents, love, and earthly store;
Serving Him, our only king,
Praising him forevermore!

All to Jesus bringing,
While His praise is ringing,
From the depths of grateful hearts for His love;
Sin and needs confessing,
Praying for His blessing,
As we strive by faith to follow above. [Refrain]

All to Jesus bringing,
To Him ever clinging,
Dauntless, although doubts and fears oft assail;
On His strength relying,
Never Him denying,
We are safe, for Jesus never can fail. [Refrain]    

Meaning of All To Jesus Bringing

In the hymn “All To Jesus Bringing,” we are reminded of the importance of bringing everything to Jesus – our talents, love, earthly possessions, and praises. It is a beautiful reminder of our gratitude for all that Jesus has done for us, from bearing our sadness to giving us light and gladness.

When we bring everything to Jesus, we do so with delight and singing, recognizing that every blessing we have comes from Him. He is a true friend like no other, always there to support us and guide us on our journey.

As we sing praises to Jesus, we are filled with grateful hearts for His love. We confess our sins and needs to Him, seeking His blessing as we strive to live faithful lives. We know that by serving Him, our only king, we can experience true joy and fulfillment.

Despite the doubts and fears that may come our way, we hold fast to Jesus, relying on His strength and never denying Him. We trust in Him completely, knowing that He will never fail us. With Jesus by our side, we can face any challenge with confidence and courage.

So let us bring everything to Jesus – our talents, love, and earthly possessions – and serve Him wholeheartedly. Let us praise Him forevermore, knowing that in His presence, we find true peace and joy. Jesus is our rock and our salvation, and when we bring everything to Him, we can rest assured that we are in good hands.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Bring all to Jesus - talents, love, and praises. Discover true joy and strength in serving Him. Let's sing praises to our faithful friend forevermore!


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