All You That Love The Lord Draw Near – Hymn Lyric

Find strength in faith and overcome doubt with "All You That Love The Lord

All You That Love The Lord Draw Near – Hymn Lyric

All You That Love The Lord, Draw Near: Finding Strength in Faith Engaging Summary: Doubting the existence of God is a common struggle, even for those who love the Lord. In times of uncertainty, when doubts creep in, we must remember the wonders of creation and the fear of death, which suggest the presence of a soul. Ultimately, we find strength in the sacrifice of Jesus, who willingly gave Himself for us, allowing us to praise His name and find solace in the assurance of salvation.


All You That Love The Lord Draw Near – Hymn Lyric

All you that love the Lord, draw near,
To my complaint, pray lend an ear,
And help me to condole my grief,
For I am distressed by unbelief.

Sometimes I am such a stupid clod,
I doubt the existence of a God;
But still His terrors work my grief,
While hope is drowned in unbelief.

When thus I am sore distressed all day,
When evening comes, I fain would pray,
And beg for pardon and relief;
“But there’s no God,” says Unbelief.

But who did all things first create?
Was it not God, the wise and great?
While thus I would assuage my grief,
“You have no soul,” says Unbelief.

But then I make this quick reply,
What makes me then afraid to die,
And after death to dread the grief
Which I must have for unbelief?

Besides, the Savior came to die,
The souls of men to purify;
Which clearly proves for our relief,
That men have souls, O Unbelief!

Blessed be my God, that now I see
That Jesus gave Himself for me;
I’ll praise His name, who bore my grief,
And saves my soul from unbelief.


Meaning of All You That Love The Lord Draw Near

All You That Love The Lord, Draw Near: Finding Strength in Faith

In times of doubt and despair, it is easy to question the existence of a higher power. We may feel like a “stupid clod” for even entertaining the thought that God may not be real. But deep down, the terrors of uncertainty still grip our hearts, depriving us of hope and drowning us in unbelief.

The struggle between faith and doubt is a common experience, even for those who love the Lord. It is human nature to question, to seek answers, and to grapple with the mysteries of life. Our minds may wander, filled with skepticism and uncertainty, yet our hearts long for something greater.

When doubts plague us all day long, and we find ourselves wrestling with the very concept of God, evening comes as a reminder to turn to prayer. We seek forgiveness and solace from the burdens that weigh us down. However, at the moment of vulnerability, the voice of unbelief creeps in, whispering, “There’s no God.” Its persistent whispers can be disheartening, denying us the peace we so desperately seek.

Amidst this internal struggle, we must ask ourselves, “Who created all things first?” Is it not God, the wise and great? The intricate beauty of the world around us is a testament to His existence. In moments of doubt, we must remind ourselves of the wonders of creation and the mysteries that lie beyond our comprehension. We must find solace in the fact that our doubts do not define our faith.

Unbelief counterattacks, questioning the very essence of our being, asserting that we do not have souls. Yet, when faced with the prospect of death, we cannot help but feel a sense of fear and dread. If we were merely physical beings, devoid of a spiritual essence, why would death evoke such strong emotions within us? The fear of the unknown, the longing for something beyond the material world, suggests the presence of a soul, regardless of the doubts that assail us.

And then, we remember the Savior who came to die. Jesus, who willingly laid down His life to purify our souls and offer us salvation. His sacrifice serves as undeniable proof that we, as human beings, possess souls. The very fact that Jesus laid down His life for us highlights the significance and worth He saw in each of our souls. In the face of unbelief, we find comfort in the knowledge that our souls are precious and valued.

Blessed be our God, for revealing Himself to us. In moments of doubt, when the weight of unbelief threatens to consume us, we find solace in the realization that Jesus gave Himself for us. Through His sacrifice, we witness His love and compassion, which surpasses our doubts and fears. We can praise His name, knowing that He understands our grief, carries our burdens, and saves us from unbelief.

In conclusion, the hymn “All You That Love the Lord, Draw Near” beautifully captures the internal struggle between faith and doubt. It explores the doubts that creep into our minds, causing us to question the existence of God. However, it also reminds us of the wonders of creation, the fear of death, and ultimately, the sacrifice of Jesus. Despite the battles we face, we can find strength in our faith and gratitude for the assurance of salvation.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find strength in faith and overcome doubt with All You That Love The Lord, Draw Near. Discover the wonders of creation, question the meaning of life, and embrace the sacrifice of Jesus. Rise above unbelief and praise His name.


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