Alleluia Sing To Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Celebrate the Triumph and Victory of Jesus with Alleluia! Sing to Jesus hymn. Join in the joyful praise as we acknowledge His authority

Alleluia Sing To Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Join in the joyous celebration of Jesus as we sing praises to Him! With His powerful scepter and majestic throne, He reigns supreme. Let us remember His triumph, His victory, and His promise to be with us always.


Alleluia Sing To Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Sing to Jesus!
His the scepter,
His the throne.
His the triumph,
His the victory alone.

The songs of peaceful Zion
Thunder like a mighty flood.
Jesus, out of every nation,
Has redeemed us by His blood.

Not as orphans are we left in sorrow now;
He is near us,
Faith believes, nor questions how.

Though the cloud from sight received Him
When the forty days were o’er,
Shall our hearts forget His promise,
“I am with you evermore”?

Bread of angels,
Thou on earth our food, our stay;
Here the sinful flee to Thee from day to day.

Friend of sinners,
Earth’s Redeemer, plead for me,
Where the songs of all the sinless
Sweep across the crystal sea.

King eternal,
Thee the Lord of lords we own;
Born of Mary,
Earth Thy footstool, Heav’n Thy throne.

Thou within the veil hast entered,
Robed in flesh our great High Priest;
Thou on earth both priest and victim
In the Eucharistic feast.


Meaning of Alleluia Sing To Jesus

Alleluia! Sing to Jesus: Celebrating the Triumph and Victory

Oh, how joyous it is to sing praises to Jesus! With His powerful scepter and majestic throne, He reigns supreme. His triumph is unparalleled, and His victory belongs to Him alone. Can you hear the heavenly melodies resonating from peaceful Zion? They rush forth like a mighty flood, filling our hearts with awe and gratitude. Jesus, the Savior of all nations, has redeemed us through His precious blood.

We are not left to face life’s challenges as orphans, filled with sorrow. Alleluia! He is near us always, and our faith assures us of this truth. Even when Jesus ascended into the clouds after forty days on earth, our hearts will never forget His promise to be with us forevermore. He is our constant companion, guiding us through every step of our journey.

Jesus is our bread of angels, sustaining us here on earth every day. When our sins weigh heavily upon us, we turn to Him, finding solace and redemption. He intercedes for us, acting as a friend of sinners and the Earth’s Redeemer. Let us humbly ask Him to plead for us and bring our petitions before God’s throne. One day, we will join the sinless in heaven, where the songs of the redeemed sweep across the crystal sea.

Alleluia! Jesus is the eternal King, worthy of all honor and praise. He was born of Mary, making Earth His humble footstool while Heaven remains His glorious throne. In an incredible act of love, He entered the veil, robed in human flesh, to become our great High Priest. Through the Eucharistic feast, He serves as both priest and victim, offering Himself as the ultimate sacrifice.

As we reflect upon these powerful lyrics, let us delve deeper into the profound truths they contain. Alleluia! Sing to Jesus, for He is the source of our hope and the one who brings us to God. His scepter represents His authority, ruling over all creation. He sits upon a throne that represents His divine majesty and sovereignty.

The triumph and victory mentioned in the hymn remind us of Jesus’ ultimate triumph over sin and death. Through His death on the cross and resurrection, He has conquered the grave and secured eternal life for all who believe in Him. This is a reason for joyous celebration and endless alleluias!

The mention of peaceful Zion evokes a sense of harmony and unity among believers. We, who have been redeemed by Jesus’ precious blood, form a spiritual family that transcends racial, ethnic, and cultural boundaries. Together, we join in singing songs of praise and worship, bringing our hearts closer to the heavenly realms.

Jesus’ promise to always be with us provides comfort and assurance. This promise is not bound by time or space. It is as true today as it was when He first spoke those words to His disciples. In times of doubt or sorrow, we can hold onto the hope that Jesus is near, guiding us through life’s challenges and helping us overcome any obstacles we may face.

The imagery of Jesus as the bread of angels emphasizes the spiritual nourishment we receive from Him. Just as physical food sustains our bodies, Jesus provides nourishment for our souls. Daily, we can seek His presence, finding comfort and strength in His words and teachings. Through the sacrament of the Eucharist, we partake in His body and blood, finding forgiveness and renewal.

In Jesus, we find the perfect mediator between us and God. As sinners, we need someone to intercede on our behalf. Jesus, the friend of sinners, stands in the gap, pleading for us before the Father. With His sacrificial love, He opens the way for us to approach God’s throne with confidence.

The hymn concludes with a powerful image of Jesus as the eternal King. He is the Lord of lords, transcendent and exalted above all creation. Yet, in His humility, He chose to walk upon the earth, experiencing the joys and hardships of life. Through His life, death, and resurrection, He bridges the gap between humanity and divinity, offering us the way to eternal life with Him.

As we sing alleluias to Jesus, let us remember the truths embedded in this hymn. He is our triumphant and victorious Savior, always by our side. He is the bread that sustains us and the intercessor who pleads for our redemption. And, above all, He is the eternal King, seated on His heavenly throne, inviting us into His glorious presence. So, with joy and gratitude, let us join our voices in singing alleluias to Jesus, our great King and Redeemer!


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Celebrate the Triumph and Victory of Jesus with Alleluia! Sing to Jesus hymn. Join in the joyful praise as we acknowledge His authority, love, and eternal reign. Find hope, solace, and redemption in His presence and intercession. Let us exalt Jesus as the source of our salvation and sing alleluias to our great King and Redeemer!


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