Almighty God Of Truth And Love – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Power of Almighty God of Truth and Love in Your Life

Almighty God Of Truth And Love – Hymn Lyric

Embracing the Almighty God of Truth and Love: Discovering the Power of Prayer and Transformation The Almighty God of truth and love beckons us to open our hearts to His power and guidance. Through prayer, we can seek His divine intervention and overcome our weaknesses. Let us embrace His love, experience His wonders, and live a life of goodness guided by a tender conscience, always aware of His presence.


Almighty God Of Truth And Love – Hymn Lyric

Almighty GOD of truth and love
In me thy pow’r exert;
The mountain from my soul remove,
The hardness of my heart;

My most obdurate heart subdue,
In honour of thy Son,
And now the gracious wonder shew,
And take away the stone.

I want a principle within,
Of jealous, godly fear;
A sensibility of sin,
A pain to feel it near:

I want the first approach to feel
Of pride, or vain desire,
To catch the wand’rings of my will,
And quench the kindling fire.

From thee that I no more depart,
No more thy goodness grieve,
The filial awe, the fleshly heart,
The tender conscience give:

Quick as the apple of an eye,
O GOD! my conscience make:
Awake my soul when sin is nigh,
And keep it still awake.


Meaning of Almighty God Of Truth And Love

Almighty God of Truth and Love: Guiding us towards a Life of Goodness

Oh, Almighty God of truth and love, your power is extraordinary! Your love is so strong that it can move mountains, and today, I ask for your divine intervention in my life. Remove the hardness from my heart, dear Lord, and help me overcome my stubbornness. Show me your marvelous wonders and take away the barriers that prevent me from becoming the best version of myself.

Deep within me, I long for a guiding principle of jealous, godly fear. I desire to feel a sensitivity towards sin, a painful awareness when it draws near. I yearn for the ability to recognize the first hints of pride or vain desires, and to be able to extinguish them before they take control of my heart. Give me the strength to resist the tempting allure of wandering thoughts and to douse any flames of unrighteousness that might ignite within me.

Dear God, I pray that I never stray from you and that I never cause grief to your infinite goodness. Grant me the gift of filial awe, a reverent and respectful heart towards you, my Heavenly Parent. Purge me of any remnants of a fleshly heart, one that is driven solely by selfish desires, and instead instill in me a tender conscience, one that is attuned to your divine will.

Just as the blink of an eye is quick, make my conscience, O God, alert and swift. Awaken my soul whenever sin approaches, and enable it to remain ever vigilant. May my conscience be a guiding force in my life, leading me away from darkness and towards the illuminating brilliance of your love and grace.

As I ponder upon these words, I am reminded of the immense power of prayer. It is through prayer that we communicate with you, Almighty God, expressing our deepest desires, hopes, and fears. In moments of doubt or confusion, we can turn to you for guidance and strength. Your love is always present, and it is through your love that we can find solace and comfort.

The path towards righteousness is not always easy, dear friends. There will be times when we stumble, when we falter and make mistakes. However, during those moments, we must remember that God’s love is endless and forgiving. It is through God’s love that we can find the strength to rise again, to learn from our mistakes, and to continue on our journey towards a life of goodness.

Let us all strive to be like the obedient and faithful servants of God. Let us be open to the guiding principle of jealous, godly fear, always remaining sensitive to the presence of sin. With a tender conscience, we can acknowledge our wrongdoings and seek forgiveness, knowing that God’s love and mercy are boundless.

So, my dear friends, let us lift our hearts to God, the Almighty God of truth and love. Through prayer, we can invite His presence into our lives, allowing Him to transform us from the inside out. May we be receptive to His divine guidance, and may our souls be forever awake and attuned to His voice.

In conclusion, dear friends, Almighty God calls upon us to be agents of His love and truth in this world. Let us allow Him to work His wonders within us, removing the obstacles that hinder our growth. May we live our lives with a heart full of love, guided by a tender conscience, and ever aware of His presence.

Almighty God of truth and love, we thank you for your boundless grace and mercy. With you by our side, we can navigate this journey called life with confidence, love, and compassion. May your name be forever praised. Amen.


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