And Have I Christ, No Love For Thee – Hymn Lyric

"And Have I Christ

And Have I Christ, No Love For Thee – Hymn Lyric

“And Have I, Christ, No Love for Thee: A Reflection on Gratitude and Devotion” delves into the speaker’s internal struggle with their apparent lack of love for Christ. They contemplate their gratitude and explore the possibility of rekindling their devotion. The hymn serves as a heartfelt reminder of the importance of expressing love and gratitude to the Savior.


And Have I Christ, No Love For Thee – Hymn Lyric

And Have I, Christ, No Love for Thee
Nor passion for thy charms?
Nor wish my Savior’s face to see
And dwell with His arms?

Is there no spark of gratitude
In this cold heart of mine,
To Him whose gen’rous bosom glowed
With friendship all divine?

Can I pronounce His charming name,
His acts of kindness tell,
And while I dwell upon the theme,
No sweet emotion feel?

Such base ingratitude as this,
What heart but must detest?
Sure Christ deserves the noblest place
In ev’ry human breast.

A very wretch, Lord, I should prove,
Had I no love to thee:
Rather than not my Savior love,
O may I cease to be.


Meaning of And Have I Christ, No Love For Thee

And Have I, Christ, No Love for Thee: A Reflection on Gratitude and Devotion

In the depths of my heart, I find myself pondering a question that gives me pause: Do I truly have no love for Christ? As I analyze the core of my being, I am filled with a sense of mild astonishment. How could I, a grateful recipient of His endless love and mercy, harbor no passion for His divine charms? Is it possible that I do not yearn to behold my Savior’s face and find solace within the embrace of His loving arms?

As I delve further into the recesses of my soul, a flicker of realization begins to stir within me. Perhaps it is not a lack of love that plagues me but rather a deficiency in expressing my gratitude. Is there no spark of thankfulness within this often-cold heart of mine? How can I rectify this disconnect and rekindle the fire of devotion that should burn brightly within me?

My thoughts shift to the Lord’s boundless generosity, His bosom aglow with friendship so sublime and divine. With great clarity, I recall His charming name and the countless acts of kindness He has bestowed upon me. Yet, despite my ability to articulate His benevolence, I find myself lacking the sweet emotions that should accompany such remembrances.

Inwardly, I grapple with the weight of such base ingratitude. How could I deny my Savior the love and admiration that He so undeniably deserves? Christ, the epitome of selflessness and love, reigns as the noblest presence in each and every human breast. His sacrifice and unwavering devotion should inspire in us a deep and profound affection.

I am disgraced by the realization that, without love for Christ, I would become nothing more than a wretched soul. To think of a life devoid of His presence, a life without the warmth of His love, fills me with an overwhelming sense of sorrow. It is in this moment that I beseech the heavens above, imploring the Almighty to never allow me to lose sight of my Savior’s love.

May I never cease to be filled with love for my Lord and Savior, for His love is the essence of my existence. And so, with renewed determination, I pledge to cultivate within my heart a garden of undying devotion. I will water it with prayer, nourish it with scripture, and tend to it with acts of love and kindness towards others.

Even the mere thought of severing the bond between myself and my Savior is unthinkable. Let the love I have for Christ permeate every fiber of my being, guiding my thoughts, words, and actions. May it be the driving force that propels me onward and upward, inspiring me to live a life worthy of the love that has been bestowed upon me.

In conclusion, dear friends, let us all take a moment to reflect on the hymn “And Have I, Christ, No Love for Thee.” It serves as a heartfelt reminder of the importance of gratitude and devotion in our relationship with the Savior. By cultivating a deep love for Christ, we not only enrich our own lives but also become beacons of light and love in a world that so desperately needs it.

May our hearts be filled with love for our Lord and may our lives be a testament to His unending grace. Let us never cease to express our gratitude and devotion to the one who truly deserves it all. For in doing so, we honor the hymn’s title and embrace a life truly worthy of our Savior’s love.


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