As Mary Walked In The Garden Green – Hymn Lyric

Experience renewal and hope as Mary walks in a green garden. Discover the transformative power of Jesus' love in this hymn of profound joy and connection.

As Mary Walked In The Garden Green – Hymn Lyric



As Mary Walked In The Garden Green – Hymn Lyric

As Mary walked in the garden green
Of Joseph of Arimathee,
Fair shrubs and flowers she passed between,
Tall palm and the wide plane tree.

‘Twas early morn as with spice and balm
Full laden she went, when lo!
She thought she heard in an accent calm
A voice which she seemed to know:

“I am the Gardener true!
Mine are the violets blue,
The lily all white,
And the rose so bright,
And pansy of purple hue!”

As Mary came to the tomb of stone,
She could not her grief contain,
Now full aware that no Christ was there,
Who late in the rock had lain.

And bitter grief in her soul was stirred,
When hard by the grave’s low cell
She felt right sure that a voice she heard,
A voice which she knew full well:


As Mary listened, she gazed around,
When, dim in the morning gloom,
She saw One stand with a spade in hand,
Full close to the sacred tomb.

“Good sir, now tell, hast thou borne Him hence?
O say where He now doth lie!”
While lo! seemed borne to her listening sense,
From some blessed bright One nigh:

As Mary hearkened, her name she heard:
“O Mary!”- She turned in haste,
And joy shone out at the gracious word,
Which every fear effaced.

“Rabboni! Lord!” ‘Twas her Master good
She welcomed with love’s survey,
Who ‘neath a gardener’s guise had stood,
And seemed to her soul to say:


As Mary mused upon things unseen,
She learnt how the Lord doth scan,
And claim each floweret and blossom green
Which blooms in the heart of man.

Fair buds of hope, and of longings nigh,
With purity’s flower of snow,
And glowing love with its vermeil dye,
And charity’s purple glow.


He is the Gardener true!
His are the violets blue,
The lily all white,
And the rose so bright,
And pansy of purple hue!


Meaning of As Mary Walked In The Garden Green

As Mary Walked In The Garden Green: A Message of Hope and Renewal

In this beautiful hymn, we are transported to a peaceful garden where Mary, the beloved follower of Christ, strolls amidst vibrant shrubs and blooming flowers. As she walks, Mary reflects on her deep sorrow and the absence of her beloved Lord, who was recently laid to rest in a rock-hewn tomb. However, amidst her grief, Mary hears a voice – a voice that brings comfort, love, and a message of profound joy.

The hymn begins with the description of Mary’s surroundings – the verdant garden filled with fair shrubs, majestic palm trees, and wide plane trees. It is worth noting the importance of Mary being in the garden. Gardens are often symbolic of growth, renewal, and life. In this hymn, the garden represents Mary’s journey towards finding hope and discovering new life after the darkness of Christ’s crucifixion.

As Mary approaches the tomb, her heart heavy with grief, she is met with an unexpected sight. Instead of finding her Lord there, she encounters a figure holding a spade, resembling a gardener. Confused and desperate, she asks if this person knows where Jesus has been taken. To her astonishment, the gardener replies with a familiar voice, “I am the Gardener true!”

It is here that we witness the profound realization that this gardener is none other than Jesus Himself. The imagery of Jesus using the metaphor of a gardener is powerful. Just as a gardener nurtures and tends to each plant, Jesus tends to the flowers of our hearts. He claims ownership over the violets, the lilies, the roses, and the pansies – each symbolic of different qualities and virtues that reside within us.

The violets, delicate and blue, represent humility and meekness. They remind us to be gentle and kind, always considering others before ourselves. In Jesus’ garden, humility is the foundation upon which all other virtues grow and flourish.

The lily, pure and white, symbolizes innocence and purity. It encourages us to strive for purity of heart and mind, remaining untainted by the world’s temptations. Like a lily, we can radiate inner peace and goodness when our hearts are free from impurities.

The rose, bold and bright, signifies love. It is a reminder that love, in all its forms, is at the core of Jesus’ teachings. As we cultivate the love within us, it can blossom and spread, touching the lives of those around us. The rose’s vibrant color exemplifies the beauty and passion that love brings to our lives.

The pansy, with its purple hue, symbolizes faithfulness and devotion. It teaches us that even in the face of challenges and hardships, we must remain unwavering in our faith. Like the pansy, we can display resilience and steadfastness, trusting in God’s plan even when it seems unclear.

Through this hymn, we are reminded that Jesus sees and appreciates the qualities that make each of us unique. He delights in our capacity for humility, purity, love, and faithfulness. Just as a gardener tends to his garden, Jesus nurtures and cares for us, guiding us towards growth, renewal, and spiritual awakening.

As Mary reflects upon her encounter with Jesus, she realizes that her journey through grief has led her to a deeper understanding of her Lord. In losing Him, she has found a new and profound connection with Him. Her despair has been replaced with joy, her sorrow with hope.

This hymn imparts a critical message to all its listeners. It reminds us that even in our darkest moments, when it may seem like all hope is lost, Jesus is there, gently guiding us back to the light. Just as He revealed Himself to Mary in the garden, He reveals Himself in our lives, beckoning us to turn towards Him and find solace in His loving embrace.

As we navigate the trials and tribulations of life, let us remember the lessons from this hymn. Let us cultivate the violets, lilies, roses, and pansies within us, allowing Jesus to tend to the garden of our hearts. May we find strength in His guidance, and may His love continue to bloom within us, filling our lives with peace, joy, and an unwavering sense of purpose.

In conclusion, “As Mary Walked In The Garden Green” is a powerful hymn that speaks to the transformative power of Jesus’ love and the hope that it brings. This hymn reminds us that even in our darkest moments, we can find renewal, joy, and a profound connection with our Lord. Let us embrace the message of this hymn and allow it to guide us towards a life filled with faith, love, and spiritual growth.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience renewal and hope as Mary walks in a green garden. Discover the transformative power of Jesus' love in this hymn of profound joy and connection.


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