At Even Ere The Sun Was Set – Hymn Lyric

Experience the healing presence of Jesus in "At Even Ere The Sun Was Set." Find solace and comfort in His love

At Even Ere The Sun Was Set – Hymn Lyric

Finding Comfort and Healing in the Presence of the Savior: In the hymn “At Even Ere The Sun Was Set,” we are reminded of the power and compassion of Jesus Christ. As we face our own challenges and burdens, we can find strength in knowing that Jesus is always near, offering solace and healing. No matter our struggles or doubts, we can trust in His ancient power to bring us comfort and peace.


At Even Ere The Sun Was Set – Hymn Lyric

At even, ere the sun was set,
The sick, O Lord, around Thee lay;
O, with how many pains they met!
O, with what joy they went away!

Once more ’tis eventide, and we,
Oppressed with various ills, draw near;
What if Thyself we cannot see?
We know that Thou art ever near.

O Savior Christ, our woes dispel;
For some are sick, and some are sad;
And some have never loved Thee well,
And some have lost the love they had.

And some are pressed with worldly care
And some are tried with sinful doubt;
And some such grievous passions tear,
That only Thou canst cast them out.

And none, O Lord, have perfect rest,
For none are wholly free from sin;
And they who fain would serve Thee best
Are conscious most of wrong within.

O Savior Christ, Thou too art man;
Thou has been troubled, tempted, tried;
Thy kind but searching glance can scan
The very wounds that shame would hide.

Thy touch has still its ancient power.
No word from Thee can fruitless fall;
Hear, in this solemn evening hour,
And in Thy mercy heal us all.


Meaning of At Even Ere The Sun Was Set

At Even Ere The Sun Was Set: Finding Comfort and Healing in the Presence of the Savior

In this beautiful hymn, “At Even Ere The Sun Was Set,” we are reminded of the power and compassion of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As the sun begins to set, casting its gentle rays upon the earth, we are invited to reflect upon the experiences of those who sought solace and healing in the presence of Jesus.

The verse speaks of a time long ago when the sick gathered around Jesus, their bodies wracked with pain and suffering. Yet, as they approached the Savior, they experienced not only physical relief but also an overwhelming sense of joy. The hymn pondered the contrast between the agony they brought to Jesus and the deep happiness they carried away after encountering His healing touch.

Today, as we face our own challenges and burdens, we can draw strength from the knowledge that Jesus is ever near. Regardless of whether we can physically see Him, we can trust that His love and support surround us. We do not walk our paths alone, for we have a compassionate Savior who understands our pains and sorrows.

In the midst of our woes, Jesus offers Himself as a source of solace and comfort. For some, sickness weighs heavy on their hearts and bodies, leaving them in need of His healing touch. Others face sadness and grief, their spirits burdened by losses and heartaches. There are those who struggle to love Jesus as completely as they desire, feeling the weight of their shortcomings. And still, others have lost the love they once had, yearning to reignite the flame of faith within their souls.

The hymn acknowledges that many individuals are afflicted by worldly cares and concerns. They are consumed by the worries and anxieties that permeate their daily lives. Others grapple with doubts and temptations, questioning the strength of their faith. Some are even overwhelmed by deep-seated passions that tear at their spirits, leaving them in desperate need of Jesus’ intervention and deliverance.

Even those who strive to serve Jesus wholeheartedly find themselves aware of the imperfections within their own hearts. No one possesses perfect rest, for we all fall short of the glory of God, falling victim to sin. It is precisely those who desire to serve Jesus with their whole being that find themselves acutely aware of their own failings and shortcomings.

The hymn reminds us that Jesus, our Savior, understands the struggles we face. He was a man who experienced his fair share of troubles, temptations, and trials. In His earthly ministry, He walked among those burdened by physical ailments, inner scars, and spiritual battles. As such, He can empathize with our pain and weakness, offering comfort and understanding.

The touch of Jesus carries with it an ancient power, unchanging and unwavering. It possesses a divine ability to heal, transform, and uplift. Not a single word spoken by Jesus falls on deaf ears or remains fruitless. Our Savior’s voice holds the power to bring about healing and restoration, to uplift and guide us. And as the evening sun casts its solemn glow, we gather together, seeking His mercy and grace.

In this sacred moment, we humble ourselves before the Savior, presenting our various afflictions, doubts, and sins. We recognize that only He can cleanse and heal us completely. And so, we fervently ask for His touch, beseeching Him to heal us all.

“At Even Ere The Sun Was Set” serves as a gentle reminder that we do not walk this path alone. In our times of pain and sorrow, Jesus is ever present, ready to offer His loving embrace. He invites us to seek Him, bringing our struggles and burdens to Him, knowing that He will provide solace and healing. Let us hold onto the hope and assurance that, just as those who encountered Jesus in the past discovered joy and relief, we too can find comfort and healing in His presence.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the healing presence of Jesus in At Even Ere The Sun Was Set. Find solace and comfort in His love, even in the midst of pain and struggle. Seek His touch for healing and restoration.


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