Be Honest Jesus Watches – Hymn Lyric

Embrace the virtues of honesty and integrity. Be like Jesus

Be Honest Jesus Watches – Hymn Lyric

“Be Honest, Jesus Watches: Embracing the Virtues of Honesty and Integrity” reminds us of the importance of embodying honesty in our actions and thoughts. This hymn encourages us to be aware of Jesus’ presence and how He observes every aspect of our lives. By being honest, we align ourselves with Jesus’ teachings and contribute to fostering a just and harmonious society.


Be Honest Jesus Watches – Hymn Lyric

Be honest, Jesus watches,
Each act and tho’t he sees.
Be useful, always ready
To help and cheer and please.

Oh, try to be like Jesus,
The meek and lowly One.
Be humble; Christ was humble,
God’s well beloved Son.

Be meek, tho’ tempted daily
To anger, pride, and hate.
Be busy; time is passing,
It soon may be too late.


Be loving, oh, be loving,
For this is like your Lord.
Be earnest in endeavor,
And win the blest reward.


Meaning of Be Honest Jesus Watches

“Be Honest, Jesus Watches” is a message that inspires and guides people of all ages toward a life of integrity, kindness, and purpose. This hymn, with its simple yet profound lyrics, encourages us to live in a way that not only reflects our values but also mirrors the life and teachings of Jesus.

Honesty is one of the cornerstones of a good character. When the hymn tells us to “be honest,” it’s reminding us that being truthful in our words and actions is very important. Jesus, the ultimate example of purity, sees all our actions and thoughts, so there’s nothing we can hide from Him. Although it can be tempting to tell a little white lie now and then, this hymn asserts that Jesus watches over us, which serves as a gentle reminder to maintain our integrity even in challenging situations.

Being useful is another key point that the hymn focuses on. It’s not enough to simply avoid doing wrong; it’s just as crucial to actively do good. The song calls on us to be ready to lend a helping hand, to bring joy to others, and to be of service whenever we can. There’s always some good we can do, whether it’s assisting a friend with their homework, helping our families with chores at home, or participating in community service. It’s about making a positive impact in the world in whatever ways we can.

The chorus of the hymn is a call to emulate Jesus, who is described as humble and meek, yet also the “well beloved Son” of God. This part of the song encourages us to admire the humility of Christ and to strive to be like Him. Humility doesn’t mean thinking less of ourselves; it means thinking about ourselves less and focusing on how we can serve others.

Being meek, as the hymn suggests, isn’t about being weak. Rather, it means being gentle and patient, especially when we’re faced with challenges that could easily make us angry or prideful. The hymn recognizes that every day, we might encounter situations that test our patience or tempt us to act out of anger or vanity. But it’s in these challenging moments that the call to meekness becomes most important.

Another part of the hymn’s message is about staying busy and making the most of our time. Time is a gift, and it’s passing by every moment. The hymn is a gentle nudge to not waste time on things that are not beneficial or uplifting. There are so many things to explore, learn, and accomplish, and it’s important to use our time wisely. This isn’t just about filling every moment with activity, but rather making sure our actions have purpose and meaning.

Then comes the command to be loving, which is a reflection of Jesus’ greatest commandment. To love others is to treat them with kindness, respect, and compassion. It’s about caring for our friends, our families, and even people we don’t know. In every interaction, we have the chance to show love through our words and actions. Loving others is a deep commitment to putting their needs and well-being alongside, or even before, our own.

Lastly, the hymn speaks of being earnest – which means having sincere and intense conviction. When we believe in something, we should put our whole heart into it, whether that’s our studies, our hobbies, or helping others. If we approach our activities with determination, we can achieve amazing things and even ‘win the blest reward’ that the hymn speaks of, which could mean anything from inner peace to the joy of making a difference.

“Be Honest, Jesus Watches” isn’t just a phrase to sing about in the hymn; it’s a way of life. It’s about aspiring to be the best version of ourselves, no matter what we’re doing. It encourages us to walk in the light of goodness and truth, making choices that we can be proud of and that honor the teachings of Jesus. As we navigate through the ups and downs of daily life, remembering this gentle yet powerful message can help guide our steps along a path of righteousness and love.

In conclusion, this beautiful hymn is a timeless treasure that imparts wisdom in a way that resonates with everyone. It teaches us the virtues of honesty, usefulness, humility, meekness, industriousness, love, and earnestness. These are qualities that not only define good character but also align with the life of Jesus Christ. By taking these messages to heart and embodying them in our daily lives, we contribute to a better world, rooted in compassion and guided by shining examples of morality and kindness.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Embrace the virtues of honesty and integrity. Be like Jesus, who watches over our every act and thought. Find inspiration in the hymn Be Honest, Jesus Watches.


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