Be Thou My Troubled Soul At Peace – Hymn Lyric

Discover peace for your troubled soul with the hymn "Be Thou My Troubled Soul At Peace." Find comfort in the love of Christ

Be Thou My Troubled Soul At Peace – Hymn Lyric

In times of trouble and distress, it is important to seek solace and peace, especially through the guidance of Jesus Christ. This hymn reminds us that even in our darkest moments, we are not alone. With Christ as our Savior, Brother, and Friend, we can find the strength and faith to overcome our fears and doubts, and ultimately find peace for our troubled souls. Trusting in God’s love and mercy, we can rest assured that He will never forsake us and will always lead us towards everlasting peace and comfort.


Be Thou My Troubled Soul At Peace – Hymn Lyric

Be thou my troubled soul at peace,
And let thy sorrows end;
Remember Christ, thy Saviour is:
Thy brother and thy friend.

Should Satan, sin and world upbraid
Thy doubts and fears to raise;
Let not their threats make thee afraid,
Or doubt of pard’ning grace.

He knows thy wants and thy complaints,
Should he awhile forbear;
Remember that the greatest saints
Had many doubts and fears.

Should God appear from thee to hide,
And all thy pray’rs disdain:
Yet shall his love to thee abide,
And shew his face again.

The bruised reed will he not break,
The broken heart he heals’
He pities such for Jesus’ sake,
Who for their sorrows feels.

He will not quench the smoking flax,
But as his promise saith:
The troubled mind will he not vex,
But help the weak in faith.

Were all the pow’rs of darkness join’d,
To take thy peace away,
In Christ the feeble saint shall find;
Such faith as gains the day.


Meaning of Be Thou My Troubled Soul At Peace

In times of trouble and distress, it is only natural to seek solace and peace. When life feels overwhelming and full of sorrows, it is important to remember that we are not alone. We have a Savior who loves us unconditionally, a brother who understands our struggles, and a friend who is always by our side.

When the devil tempts us and tries to fill our hearts with doubt and fear, we must not let his threats intimidate us. We must hold on to the truth of God’s forgiveness and grace. Our doubts and fears do not define us as weak, but rather remind us that even the greatest saints had their moments of uncertainty.

At times, it may feel as though God has turned His face away from us, and our prayers go unanswered. But we must remember that His love for us never wavers, even in those moments of apparent silence. He will reveal His face to us again, bringing us the comfort and reassurance we seek.

Just as a bruised reed is not broken and a broken heart can be healed, our Savior, Jesus Christ, pities us in our sorrows. He understands our pain and suffering, for He experienced it all Himself. He stands as a beacon of hope, ready to mend our brokenness and bring peace to our troubled souls.

Even when our faith feels weak, God will not crush it, as a promise He has made. He will not burden our troubled minds, but rather extend His helping hand to strengthen our faith. In His infinite love and compassion, He will uplift us and guide us through the darkest of times.

No matter the strength of the forces of darkness that try to steal our peace away, in Christ, we will find the faith that conquers all. By trusting in Him, even the feeblest of saints can overcome their troubles and find the peace that surpasses all understanding.

So, in moments of distress and turmoil, let us turn to these hymn’s beautiful words and the message it holds. Let us remember that we have a Savior who is always willing to bring peace to our hearts and bind up our wounds. We are never alone in our struggles, for we have a brother who walks beside us, sharing in our burdens and offering His love and support.

May these words remind us to trust in God’s unwavering love and to always seek His peace. Let us not be defined or discouraged by our doubts and fears, but instead, let them serve as reminders of our need for Him. And may we always be grateful for the promise of His presence in our lives, knowing that He is the source of everlasting peace and comfort.

In conclusion, let us hold on to the beautiful message conveyed in this hymn. In times of trouble, may we always seek the peace that comes from knowing Christ as our Saviour, Brother, and Friend. Let us trust in His love, mercy, and grace, knowing that He will never forsake us, but instead, will guide us through every storm. May our troubled souls find solace, and may our hearts be at peace, knowing that we are deeply loved and cared for by our heavenly Father.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover peace for your troubled soul with the hymn Be Thou My Troubled Soul At Peace. Find comfort in the love of Christ, your Savior and friend. Trust in His unwavering support and find solace in His presence.


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