Because I Love Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Embrace peace

Because I Love Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Feeling lost and alone? Find comfort and assurance in the love of Jesus. His presence brings peace and blessings, guiding you through life’s challenges and filling your soul with divine assurance. Choose to love Jesus, and experience a life filled with joy, strength, and a deep sense of contentment.


Because I Love Jesus – Hymn Lyric

My path may be lonely, and dark be the night,
The clouds may be hiding the sun from my sight,
Yet I have assurance that all will be right,
Because I love Jesus.

Because I love Jesus, Jesus
Because I love Jesus;
My soul is at rest, and in Him I am blest;
Because I love Jesus.

Because I love Jesus, my Savior and thine,
There’s peace in my soul, there is comfort divine;
‘Twill always abide, for the promise is mine,
Because I love Jesus.

Though loved ones be taken away from my side,
Though riches and honor to me be denied,
Yet if I but trust Him no ill can betide,
Because I love Jesus.

Though all that is evil against me combine,
Though Satan around me his snares should entwine,
Yet if I am faithful a crown will be mine,
Because I love Jesus.


Meaning of Because I Love Jesus

Have you ever felt like you were walking down a lonely path, with darkness all around you? Maybe you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it felt like the clouds were blocking out the sun. But even in those tough times, there is one thing that can bring you assurance and comfort – love for Jesus.

When you love Jesus, it’s like having a warm blanket wrapped around your soul. You feel at peace, knowing that He is always there for you. His love brings a sense of calm and contentment that can’t be found anywhere else. And when you have that love in your heart, you truly feel blessed.

Even when things don’t go your way, when loved ones are taken from you or when you face hardships, loving Jesus can bring you through. His presence in your life offers a sense of hope and security that nothing else can provide. You can trust in Him to guide you through the darkest of times, and know that He will never leave your side.

It’s important to remember that loving Jesus doesn’t mean life will be easy. There will still be challenges and obstacles to face. But with Him by your side, you can overcome anything. His love gives you the strength and courage to stand strong against whatever may come your way.

When you choose to love Jesus, you are choosing a life filled with peace, comfort, and divine assurance. No matter what struggles you may face, you can rest assured that He is with you always. Trust in Him, and you will find that His love will lead you to a place of rest and blessing.

So, take heart and remember that loving Jesus is the key to finding true joy and fulfillment in life. Let His love be your guiding light, and you will never walk alone. Embrace His love, and watch as it transforms your life in ways you never thought possible. Because when you love Jesus, everything else falls into place.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Embrace peace, comfort, and assurance because you love Jesus. Trust Him to guide you through life's challenges. Find true joy and fulfillment in His love.


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