Before I Found Salvation I Was Sunk – Hymn Lyric

Discover how I found salvation and was rescued from degradation. Jesus has transformed my life

Before I Found Salvation I Was Sunk – Hymn Lyric

Before I found salvation, I was sunk in degradation and had wandered far astray from my Saviour. However, everything changed when I came to Calvary’s mountain and plunged into the fountain of salvation. Jesus lifted the burden of sin from my heart and filled my soul with joy, bringing me out of degradation and into a life of happiness and gladness.


Before I Found Salvation I Was Sunk – Hymn Lyric

Before I found salvation, I was sunk in degradation,
And from my Saviour wandered far astray;
But I came to Calvary’s mountain, and plunged into the fountain,
And from my heart the burden rolled away.

‘Twas a happy day, and no mistake,
When Jesus from my heart did take
The load of sin that made it ache,
And filled my soul with Joy.

Since I have been converted and the devil’s ranks deserted,
I’ve had such joy and gladness in my soul.
For Jesus I’ve been fighting, and in the war delighting,
And now I’m pressing on toward the goal.

If faithful to my Saviour, I shall enjoy his favour,
And he will keep me safely to the end;
And when I cross the river, I’ll live with him forever,
And one eternal day of glory spend.


Meaning of Before I Found Salvation I Was Sunk

Welcome to a journey of inspiration and transformation, a narrative that takes us from the depths of despair to the heights of spiritual joy. This is the story encapsulated in the powerful hymn, “Before I Found Salvation I Was Sunk.” It’s a tale of redemption, a personal revolution that begins with a soul lost in the shadows and concludes with a heart brimming with joy and purpose. Let’s explore the profound messages within this hymn verse by verse, and discover how they resonate with many who seek meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

The hymn begins with a stark confession from a time before salvation was found. Imagine standing at a crossroads, looking back on a past filled with challenges and struggles. “I was sunk in degradation,” the lyrics acknowledge, painting a picture of a life weighed down by mistakes and misdirections. Feeling distant from the guiding light, wandering without purpose, many can relate to this feeling of being lost.

But the hymn doesn’t leave us in darkness. It eagerly takes us along the transformative path to “Calvary’s mountain,” a symbol of spiritual awakening and the place where burdens can be lifted. Just as a person crosses from the night into the dawn, the one who was once astray experiences a profound change. Immersing oneself “into the fountain” signifies a baptism, a renewal of spirit, and a birth into a life of light. With that, an incredible transformation occurs—the burden rolls away, and the heavy heart becomes free.

The refrain sings of a “happy day,” celebrating the moment of liberation when the weight of sin was lifted. Imagine the purest joy filling the soul, like sunlight flooding a room that’s been dark for too long. It marks the beginning of a new chapter, where one dances to the tune of life without the chains of past mistakes. There’s a profound sense of relief in acknowledging that Jesus has taken away this heavy load, leading to a heart that no longer aches but sings with joy.

The ensuing verses tell us about life after this crucial turning point. Once “converted,” abandoning the devil’s ranks means choosing a different path filled with “joy and gladness.” Anyone who has ever changed their life for the better knows this feeling well—the excitement of new beginnings and the fulfillment that comes with making positive choices.

To “be converted” is more than a change in actions; it’s a switch in allegiance. Now, the song’s protagonist is a warrior of light, battling against negativity and injustice. This fight isn’t described with harshness or duty but as a delightful pursuit, something to be passionate about. The joy of this pursuit provides strength, guidance, and the motivation to keep “pressing on toward the goal.”

This commitment to a new direction promises rewards, brought out beautifully in the next lines. “If faithful to my Saviour,” emphasizes the condition of unwavering dedication to the newfound path. The “favour” of Jesus is a promise of support and love, assuring protection through life’s trying moments until the very end. It paints a picture of an enduring bond, one that shields you from the tempest and keeps you steadfast during trials.

Lastly, the hymn closes with a vision of the future. Crossing the river is often a metaphor for the final journey into the afterlife. The hymn inspires us to see death not as an end but a transition to a glorious existence beyond. The promise of “one eternal day of glory” to spend with Jesus suggests an infinite celebration, a timeless space filled with love and light.

“Before I Found Salvation I Was Sunk,” is more than a hymn; it’s a narrative of hope, encouraging all who hear it to seek transformation. It speaks to the possibility of change, the potential for joy, and the promise of eternal peace. Its words resonate with the desire for a new beginning and the assurance that it’s never too late to turn towards the light.

For anyone who feels burdened by their past, this hymn offers a roadmap to redemption. Embracing the spiritual journey leads not just to a renewed sense of self but also to a place in the divine symphony that plays endlessly in celebration of lives redeemed and spirits reborn.

Understanding this hymn is to recognize an echo within ourselves, a call to seek out our mountain, plunge into our fountain, and emerge with hearts alight. May your journey, like the one in this cherished hymn, lead you to joyous days, battles fought with delight, and the promise of a glorious eternity.


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