Behold The Lovely Springtime – Hymn Lyric

Experience the beauty and joy of spring with "Behold The Lovely Springtime." Embrace nature's wonders and pay homage to our Creator. Rediscover the magic of youth and spread kindness like gentle raindrops. Find gratitude

Behold The Lovely Springtime – Hymn Lyric

“Behold The Lovely Springtime” is a hymn that celebrates the beauty of nature and praises our Creator. As we witness the arrival of spring, we are reminded to appreciate the vibrant colors, blossoming flowers, and joyful melodies that surround us. This hymn also teaches us the importance of kindness, gratitude, and living a life dedicated to goodness.


Behold The Lovely Springtime – Hymn Lyric

Behold the lovely springtime!
We hail its rosy hours,
We welcome back the sunshine
And cool, refreshing showers;

There’s beauty all around us,
And music everywhere;
O praise our great Creator
Who makes the earth so fair.

Come, children, join the chorus,
Ring out in joyful strain
A song of love to God above;
The Spring has come again.

Our youth is like the springtime,
Our hearts are like the flowers;
Our smiles like playful sunbeams
That cheer its passing hours;
And may our deeds of kindness,
As one by one they fall,
Be like the gentle raindrops
Our Father sends to all.

Each tender bud and blossom,
From out its dewy leaves,
Gives back to God who made it
The sweet perfume it breathes;
Then let us give to Jesus
Our youthful hearts today,
And in life’s happy springtime,
Begin the heavenly way.


Meaning of Behold The Lovely Springtime

Behold The Lovely Springtime: Embracing the Beauty of Nature and Praise to Our Creator

As the winter frost melts away and the days grow longer, we are greeted with the enchanting arrival of spring. The hymn “Behold The Lovely Springtime” captures the essence of this vibrant season, celebrating the wonders it brings and reminding us to acknowledge the hand of our great Creator. In this article, let us embark on a journey through the lyrics of this hymn, exploring the significance of springtime and the lessons it holds for us.

Springtime is a time of renewal, a season when nature awakens from its slumber and paints the world with vibrant colors. The hymn’s opening verse beautifully expresses our joy and admiration for the rosy hours and the return of sunshine and refreshing showers. Everywhere we look, beauty surrounds us – from the blossoming flowers to the melodies of birds in the air. It is during this time that we should take a moment to appreciate the greatness of our Creator, who orchestrates such wondrous harmony in the world.

Just as springtime brings rejuvenation to the natural world, it also symbolizes the innocence and vitality of youth. The hymn acknowledges this parallel, stating that our youth is like the springtime and our hearts are like the flowers. In this comparison, we can find a deeper understanding of the connection between our inner selves and the seasonal cycles. Our smiles, akin to playful sunbeams, have the power to brighten the passing hours of those around us. As young individuals, we have the potential to spread joy and optimism, just as spring spreads warmth and new beginnings.

Continuing on this theme, the hymn encourages us to perform acts of kindness, equating them to gentle raindrops sent by our Father to nourish all. Each act of kindness, however small, has the power to create a positive ripple effect in the lives of others. It is through these simple yet impactful gestures that we can make a difference and bring comfort to those in need. Just as the flowers give back to God through their sweet perfume, we too should strive to give back to Jesus by cultivating a spirit of compassion within ourselves.

Through the hymn’s narrative, we are reminded of the importance of gratitude and devotion. Nature offers us infinite gifts, from the blooming buds and blossoms to the sweet-smelling perfumes they emit. It is a reminder of God’s boundless love and generosity. Similarly, we should offer our youthful hearts to Jesus, for it is through Him that we can find guidance and embark on the path of righteousness. The hymn acknowledges that embracing faith and living a life dedicated to goodness is not limited to a certain age – rather, it is a perpetual journey that can begin in our happy springtime.

In a broader sense, “Behold The Lovely Springtime” teaches us to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. The beauty of nature is not confined to the arrival of spring; it can be found in every season and in the smallest of details. By sharpening our senses and observing the miracles that occur each day, we can discover awe and wonder in even the most ordinary moments. The hymn emphasizes the role of music in this process, reminding us that there is music everywhere. Whether it is the melodious tune of a bird, the rustling of leaves, or the laughter of loved ones – every sound is a symphony waiting to be appreciated.

In conclusion, “Behold The Lovely Springtime” is an invitation to celebrate the wonders of nature, recognize our own potential for kindness, and honor the Creator who crafted this beautiful world. It encourages us to embrace the season of spring, not only as a time of physical renewal but also as an opportunity for growth and spiritual awakening. As we welcome the arrival of spring each year, let us remember the teachings embedded within this timeless hymn and strive to make a positive impact on the world around us.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the beauty and joy of spring with Behold The Lovely Springtime. Embrace nature's wonders and pay homage to our Creator. Rediscover the magic of youth and spread kindness like gentle raindrops. Find gratitude, guidance, and goodness in life's happy springtime. Join us on a journey of appreciation and celebration of the lovely spring season.


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