Beloved One Thy Earthly Work Is Finished – Hymn Lyric

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Beloved One Thy Earthly Work Is Finished – Hymn Lyric

“Beloved One, Thy Earthly Work Is Finished” offers solace and hope in times of loss. This hymn reminds us that our beloved ones have found rest and are rewarded for their faithfulness. As we navigate life’s challenges, we can find comfort in the knowledge that one day, we too will find eternal rest.


Beloved One Thy Earthly Work Is Finished – Hymn Lyric

Beloved one, thy earthly work is finished,
No pain or grief shall e’er thy soul molest;
Thy voyage oft was dark, but thou wast faithful,
O rest, beloved one, forever rest!

O rest, beloved, rest,
The Master saith, “Well done,”
And now among the blest,
O rest, beloved rest.

Beloved one, our hearts with grief are riven,
As now we look upon thy form so blest,
But soon, oh! soon we’ll meet thee with the angels,
O rest, beloved one, forever rest!

Beloved one, so free from earthly conflicts,
Repose in peace upon thy Saviour’s breast;
Farewell, farewell, until we cross the river,
O rest, beloved one, forever rest!

Meaning of Beloved One Thy Earthly Work Is Finished

Beloved One, Thy Earthly Work Is Finished: Finding Peace and Rest

In the depth of our hearts, we often find solace and joy in music and hymns. These beautiful melodies have a way of touching our souls and reminding us of the beauty and peace that await us beyond this earthly realm. The hymn “Beloved One, Thy Earthly Work Is Finished” speaks to those moments of loss and longing, but it also carries a message of hope and eternal rest. Let’s dive into its verses and explore the comforting ideas it presents.

The first verse reassures us that our beloved has completed their earthly duties and is now free from pain and sorrow. Life is full of trials and tribulations, but our beloved one has remained steadfast, faithful, and persevered through it all. Through dark times and moments of uncertainty, they held on to their convictions and now, they can finally find rest. Isn’t that a comforting thought? All their struggles, all their efforts, have culminated in a well-deserved peace.

The refrain echoes this sentiment, declaring that our beloved has indeed earned their rest. The Master, a loving and guiding presence, acknowledges their faithfulness, saying, “Well done.” These words carry a sense of validation and recognition, assuring us that our beloved’s journey on earth was not in vain. They have now joined the blessed, surrounded by serenity and harmony. It’s a powerful image to hold onto in times of sorrow and grief.

Verse two acknowledges the anguish and sorrow we feel as we gaze upon our beloved’s peaceful form. Seeing them in their eternal rest can be bittersweet, for their absence leaves a void in our lives. However, this verse also reminds us that this farewell is not permanent. We will soon reunite with our cherished one and be together once more, surrounded by angels and the eternal love that binds us all. It’s a beautiful notion, filled with hope and the promise of a joyous reunion.

The third and final verse directs our attention to the earthly battles our beloved has left behind. They are now able to find solace and tranquility in the loving embrace of their Savior. No more conflicts, no more struggles – just pure and undisturbed peace. As we bid our final farewell and prepare to continue our own journeys, we hold onto the belief that we will meet again. We will cross the metaphorical river, guided by faith and love, and find everlasting rest alongside our beloved one.

In wrapping up the exploration of this hymn, we can see that it provides not only comfort but also a sense of purpose and meaning. It reminds us that life is a journey, with its ups and downs, and that our struggles are not in vain. It encourages us to remain faithful and steadfast, for in the end, we too shall find rest. Whether it is the rest that comes from completing our earthly work or the rest that comes from crossing the river into eternity, there is hope and peace awaiting each and every one of us.

So, dear reader, remember that the words of this hymn carry immense comfort and reassurance. Even in the midst of sorrow, we can find solace in the knowledge that our beloved ones have found rest and are in the loving arms of the Divine. Let this hymn be a source of peace and hope as you navigate the complexities of life and honor the memories of those who have gone before us. May the message of “Beloved One, Thy Earthly Work Is Finished” resonate within your heart, bringing you comfort, serenity, and the reassurance that one day, we too shall find our eternal rest.


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