Beneath The Cross Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Discover redemption and healing beneath the cross of Jesus. Find solace

Beneath The Cross Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric



Beneath The Cross Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Beneath the cross of Jesus,
My soul bowed down with sin;
‘Twas there the Savior found me,
And there He took me in.

Beneath the cross, the blessed cross,
Where Jesus bled and died,
My soul has found a refuge sweet,
And there will I abide.

Beneath the cross of Jesus,
My sins were washed away;
My garments died in crimson,
Where changed to white array.

There ‘neath the cross, the blessed cross,
I found the healing balm;
For ev’ry woe and ill of life,
In tempest or in calm.

Beneath the cross of Jesus,
There’s healing now for thee;
The Savior longs, in mercy,
To cleanse and set you free.

‘Twas at the cross the Savior paid
Your ransom from the fall;
So cast your trophies at His feet
And crown Him lord of all.


Meaning of Beneath The Cross Of Jesus

Beneath The Cross Of Jesus: Finding Redemption and Healing

In this hymn, titled “Beneath The Cross Of Jesus,” we are reminded of the powerful and transformative experience one can have when they turn to Jesus for salvation and healing. The words convey a sense of surrender, forgiveness, and the freedom that comes from placing our trust in the Savior.

The first verse sets the stage for the hymn, describing the soul’s burden of sin and the momentous encounter with Jesus beneath the cross. It is at this hallowed place that the Savior “took me in,” indicating that He lovingly embraced the repentant soul. The cross represents the ultimate sacrifice and love of Jesus, as it was there that He bled and died for our sins.

The refrain of the hymn reinforces the significance of the cross as a sanctuary or refuge for the soul. It becomes a place where we can find solace, security, and peace. By dwelling beneath the cross, we can experience the profound comfort and reassurance that come from knowing that Jesus willingly gave His life for our sake.

Moving on to the second verse, we are reminded that it is beneath the cross of Jesus where our sins are washed away. Through His sacrifice, our garments, which were once stained with the crimson of sin, are transformed into a beautiful white array. This powerful imagery symbolizes the forgiveness and spiritual cleansing that Jesus offers to all who turn to Him.

The verse also highlights the broad scope of Jesus’ healing power. Whether we are struggling in the midst of life’s storms or enjoying a period of calm, the cross is a wellspring of healing for every woe and ill we encounter. It is the place where we find the soothing balm for our afflictions and the restoration of our weary souls.

The final verse speaks directly to the reader, inviting them to experience the healing and freedom available beneath the cross of Jesus. The Savior extends His mercy, longing to cleanse and set us free from the burden of sin. It is crucial to recognize that it was at the cross that He paid the ransom for our redemption, and as a result, we are called to “cast our trophies at His feet.”

This act of surrender and submission allows us to crown Jesus as the Lord of all aspects of our lives. By acknowledging His lordship, we recognize His authority and sovereignty over our past, present, and future. It is in this submission that we can fully experience the transformative power of His grace and love.

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In conclusion, “Beneath The Cross Of Jesus” is a hymn that emphasizes the profound impact of Jesus’ sacrifice on our lives. It serves as a reminder that there is redemption, healing, and freedom available to all who turn to Him. By dwelling beneath His cross, we can find refuge, forgiveness, and transformation. Let us embrace the message of this hymn and allow its lyrics to guide us on our journey towards a deeper relationship with Jesus.


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