Blest Are The Humble Souls That See – Hymn Lyric

Discover the blessings of humility

Blest Are The Humble Souls That See – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “Blest Are The Humble Souls That See” explores the blessings that come to those who possess virtues such as humility, brokenness, meekness, and compassion. By acknowledging our weaknesses and sins, we open ourselves up to receive the grace and healing balm of Christ. Through thirsting for grace, living a peaceful life, and even suffering for Jesus’ sake, we can experience the true joy and rewards that come from living a life devoted to faith and righteousness.


Blest Are The Humble Souls That See – Hymn Lyric

Blest are the humble souls that see
their emptiness and poverty;
treasures of grace to them are giv’n,
and crowns of joy laid up in heav’n.

Blest are the men of broken heart,
who mourn for sin with inward smart;
the blood of Christ divinely flows,
a healing balm for all their woes.

Blest are the meek, who stand afar
from rage and passion, noise and war;
God will secure their happy state,
and plead their cause against the great.

Blest are the souls that thirst for grace,
hunger and long for righteousness;
they shall be well supplied and fed,
with living streams and living bread.

Blest are the men whose hearts do move
and melt with sympathy and love;
from Christ the Lord shall they obtain
like sympathy and love again.

Blest are the pure, whose hearts are clean
from the defiling pow’rs of sin;
with endless pleasure they shall see
a God of spotless purity.

Blest are the men of peaceful life,
who quench the coals of growing strife;
they shall be called the heirs of bliss,
the sons of God, the God of peace.

Blest are the suff’rers who partake
of pain and shame for Jesus’ sake;
their souls shall triumph in the Lord,
glory and joy are their reward.


Meaning of Blest Are The Humble Souls That See

In the hymn “Blest Are The Humble Souls That See,” we are reminded of the many blessings that come to those who possess certain virtues and qualities. These blessings are not material in nature, but rather spiritual and eternal. Let’s take a closer look at each verse of the hymn and explore the reasons why these virtues are so important in our lives.

The first verse talks about the blessing of humility. Humility is the quality of recognizing our own limitations and weaknesses. When we are humble, we are open to receiving the grace and blessings that God wants to bestow upon us. It is only when we acknowledge our emptiness and poverty that we can truly appreciate the treasures of grace that are given to us.

The second verse speaks of the blessing of a broken heart. This may seem counterintuitive, but when we are brokenhearted over our sins and shortcomings, we are in a position to receive the healing balm of Christ. It is through this recognition of our need for forgiveness and redemption that we can experience true joy and peace.

The third verse extols the virtue of meekness. Meekness is often misunderstood as weakness, but in reality, it is a strength of character. When we are meek, we are able to control our emotions and avoid unnecessary conflict. God promises to protect and defend those who are meek, ultimately securing their happiness and well-being.

The fourth verse talks about the blessing of thirsting for grace and righteousness. When we hunger and long for these things, we will be abundantly supplied and fed by God. Just as our physical bodies need food and water to survive, our spiritual selves need the nourishment of grace and righteousness to thrive.

The fifth verse emphasizes the importance of having a compassionate and loving heart. When we show empathy and love towards others, we are reflecting the love and compassion that Christ has shown us. In turn, we will receive that same love and compassion from the Lord.

The sixth verse focuses on the blessing of purity. When our hearts are clean from sin, we are able to experience the joy of fellowship with a God of spotless purity. Purity of heart allows us to draw closer to God and experience His presence in our lives.

The seventh verse highlights the virtue of living a peaceful life. Those who strive to quench the flames of conflict and strife will be called the heirs of bliss and the sons of God. By promoting peace and harmony in our relationships, we can experience the true peace that comes from God.

The final verse talks about the blessing of suffering for Jesus’ sake. While it may seem paradoxical, suffering can lead to glory and joy in the Lord. When we endure pain and shame for the sake of Christ, we are sharing in His suffering and ultimately sharing in His victory.

In conclusion, the hymn “Blest Are The Humble Souls That See” reminds us of the importance of humility, brokenness, meekness, thirst for grace, compassion, purity, peace, and suffering for Christ. These virtues may not always be easy to cultivate, but the blessings that come from possessing them are immeasurable. May we strive to embody these qualities in our lives and experience the fullness of joy and peace that God has promised to those who seek Him.


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