By Jesus Grave On Either Hand – Hymn Lyric

Find comfort and hope in times of grief by reflecting on the hymn "By Jesus' Grave On Either Hand." Discover solace at Jesus' side

By Jesus Grave On Either Hand – Hymn Lyric

“By Jesus’ Grave On Either Hand” is a hymn that speaks directly to those facing grief and offers comfort and hope. It paints a vivid picture of a somber gathering at Jesus’ grave, reminding us of his sacrifice and the solace we can find in him. In times of distress, this hymn serves as a reminder that we can find rest and healing in the loving embrace of Jesus.


By Jesus Grave On Either Hand – Hymn Lyric

By Jesus’ grave on either hand,
The sad and silent mourners stand,
While night is brooding o’er the land.

At last, the weary life is o’er,
Of Him who all our sufferings bore,
The agony and conflict sore.

Deep in the rock’s sepulchral shade,
The Lord, by whom the worlds were made,
The Savior of mankind, is laid.

O hearts bereaved and sore distressed,
Here is for you a place of rest;
Here leave your grief on Jesus’ breast.


Meaning of By Jesus Grave On Either Hand

By Jesus’ Grave On Either Hand: Finding Comfort and Hope in Times of Grief

In the midst of darkness, when night blankets the land, a group of mourners gather at the sacred place where Jesus lies. They stand quietly, in deep sadness, as they reflect upon the life and ultimate sacrifice of the one who bore all their sufferings. This hymn reminds us of a moment in history that forever changed the world, but it also offers solace and hope to those who find themselves in times of grief and distress.

The words of this hymn paint a vivid picture of the scene – a solemn and silent group, gathered by the grave of the Savior. The description of the grave being deep in the rock’s sepulchral shade gives us a sense of the gravity and profoundness of this moment. It reminds us that Jesus, the one who created the worlds, now rests in this very place. This realization brings forth a variety of emotions, especially for those who are grieving.

For the hearts that are bereaved and deeply distressed, the hymn becomes a comforting reminder of the rest and solace that can be found in Jesus. It reassures them that in their darkest moments, they can find refuge by leaving their grief on Jesus’ breast. This imagery creates a mental picture of finding a place of calm and comfort in the loving embrace of their Savior. It speaks to the ultimate source of hope and healing that lies in the eternal love of Jesus Christ.

Grief is a universal experience, and at times, it can be overwhelming and consuming. It is during these moments that we often seek solace and understanding. The hymn “By Jesus’ Grave On Either Hand” provides a spiritual balm for the brokenhearted. Its message resonates deeply with those who are hurting, offering a glimmer of hope in the midst of pain.

The hymn calls us to reflect on the significance of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. It reminds us that even in the face of great suffering and loss, there is a greater purpose and plan at work. Jesus, who bore all our sufferings, understands our pain and offers himself as a source of comfort.

In times of grief, it is natural to question and seek answers. We wonder why we experience suffering and loss, and where we can find the strength to carry on. The hymn directs us to Jesus, inviting us to lay our burdens at his feet. It teaches us that by entrusting our grief to him, we can find the rest and peace that our weary souls long for.

The journey through grief is not an easy one; it is a process that takes time and healing. This hymn acknowledges the depths of our sorrow but also offers a glimmer of hope. It encourages us to endure and find solace, even as we stand by Jesus’ grave.

There is something powerful and transformative about acknowledging our pain and seeking comfort in the arms of Jesus. We can find strength in knowing that he too experienced suffering and understands our heartache. In his death and resurrection, he conquered death and left us with the promise of eternal life.

As we reflect upon this hymn, let us remember that grief does not have the final word. By Jesus’ side, we find a place of rest and hope. And though we may stand by his grave in sadness, we can also stand in the assurance that he has overcome the world.

In conclusion, “By Jesus’ Grave On Either Hand” is a hymn that speaks to the universal experience of grief, offering solace and hope to those who are hurting. It reminds us that in our darkest moments, we can find refuge and rest in Jesus. This hymn serves as a reminder of the love and compassion that our Savior offers, even in the face of great suffering. May its words bring comfort and healing to those who need it most.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find comfort and hope in times of grief by reflecting on the hymn By Jesus' Grave On Either Hand. Discover solace at Jesus' side, knowing that he understands and offers a place of rest.


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