By Sin My God And All Was Lost – Hymn Lyric

Find Hope and Redemption in Christ. Discover the path to forgiveness

By Sin My God And All Was Lost – Hymn Lyric



By Sin My God And All Was Lost – Hymn Lyric

By Sin my God and all was lost,
O where may God be found?
In Christ; for so the Holy Ghost
Shews by the joyful sound.

But how shall I escape and flee
Th’ avenging Wrath of God?
In Christ, who bore upon the Tree
That whole amazing Load.

Alas! I’m daily apt to stray,
How shall I heav’n-ward make?
Thro’ Christ the consecrated Way
Design’d for thee to take.

But where’s my Title, Right, and Claim
To that eternal bliss?
In Christ alone, that glorious Name,
The Lord our Righteousness.

May not my Spirit weak as Grass,
Fail ‘ere it reach the length?
Jesus, the Lord thy Righteousness,
Will be the Lord thy Strength.

But if Friends and cruel Foes
Shall by the Way molest,
Christ is a Friend to bridle those,
And give the weary Rest.

What ground have I to trust and say,
The Promise is not vain?
In Christ the Promises are yes,
In Christ they are Amen.

But how shall Faith be had? Alas!
I find I can’t believe;
Christ is the Author of that Grace,
And Faith is his to give.

How can so vile a Lump of sin
Heart-holiness expect?
Christ by his Holy Spirit must
This mighty Change effect.

How shall I do the Works aright
I’m daily bound unto?
Christ Jesus, by his Spirit’s might,
Works both to will and do.

How shall my Maladies be heal’d,
So sore molesting me?
Christ is the great physician seal’d,
The Lord that healeth thee.

Salvation-Work is great and high
Alas! what shall I do?
Christ as the Alpha thereof, Eye
And the Omega too.

How can he answer ev’ry Case,
And save us from our fall?
Because he is the Lord of Grace,
Jehovah, All in All.


Meaning of By Sin My God And All Was Lost

By Sin My God And All Was Lost: Finding Hope and Redemption in Christ


In this hymn, the author expresses the desperation and uncertainty that comes with the realization of sin’s consequences. They question where God can be found amidst the wreckage of their actions. However, the Holy Ghost reveals that hope and salvation can be found in Christ. Through Christ, the burden of sin can be borne, and a path to forgiveness and redemption can be found. This hymn serves as a reminder that no matter how far we may stray, Christ offers us a way back and provides the strength, righteousness, and healing that we need.

Verse 1: Finding God in Christ

The hymn begins by acknowledging that sin has caused the loss of connection with God. The author wonders where God can be found in such a state. The Holy Ghost responds, indicating that God can be found in Christ. This is a message of hope, as it means that there is a way to reconcile with God, even after our deepest transgressions.

Verse 2: Finding the Way to Heaven

The author acknowledges their tendency to stray and questions how they can find their way to heaven. The answer lies in Christ, who has consecrated a way for us to follow. Through His teachings and example, He has shown us the path to righteousness and eternal life. It is through Christ that we can find the direction we need to navigate the challenges and temptations that come our way.

Verse 3: Finding Our Title to Eternal Bliss

The author ponders their right and claim to eternal bliss. They find reassurance in realizing that our title and righteousness come solely through Christ. His sacrifice on the cross and His role as our Savior make it possible for us to have access to the blessings and promises of eternal life. It is through Christ alone that we can truly find our identity and worth.

Verse 4: Finding Strength and Support

The author acknowledges their weakness and acknowledges the potential for discouragement and opposition along their journey. However, they find solace in the fact that Christ is a friend who understands and supports us. He can provide the strength we need to overcome challenges and find rest when we are weary. In times of struggle, Christ is there to guide and uplift us.

Verse 5: Finding Confidence in God’s Promises

The author reflects on the trustworthiness of God’s promises. They find assurance that in Christ, all of God’s promises are fulfilled. This means that we can have confidence and trust in God’s word. Whatever He has promised, He will bring to pass. Christ is the embodiment of God’s faithfulness, and His life and teachings confirm the truth of God’s promises.

Verse 6: Finding Faith in Christ

The author expresses their struggle to have faith and believe. They recognize that faith is a gift from Christ, who is the author and source of grace. It is through Christ’s work in our hearts that we can develop the faith necessary to believe in Him. We can find comfort in knowing that Christ understands our doubts and is willing to grant us the faith we need to trust in Him fully.

Verse 7: Finding Holiness and Transformation

The author acknowledges their own sinful nature and the impossibility of achieving holiness on their own. However, they recognize that it is through the Holy Spirit working in us that true change and transformation can occur. Christ’s sacrifice opens the way for the Holy Spirit to dwell within us and produce a mighty change in our hearts. In Christ, we find the power to overcome our sinful tendencies and strive for holiness.

Verse 8: Finding Help in Doing Good Works

The author contemplates their ability to do good works and fulfill their responsibilities. They find assurance that it is through Christ and His Spirit’s power that we can accomplish what is required of us. Christ not only works in us to create the desire to do good but also provides the strength and ability to carry out those works effectively. We can rely on His guidance and support as we seek to live a righteous and meaningful life.

Verse 9: Finding Healing and Restoration

The author acknowledges their own brokenness and the need for healing. They turn to Christ as the great physician who can restore and mend their wounded spirit. The healing power of Christ extends beyond physical ailments; it encompasses the emotional, spiritual, and mental wounds that we carry. Through His grace and love, Christ can bring about the healing and restoration that we so desperately need.


In the hymn “By Sin My God And All Was Lost,” we are reminded of the hope and redemption that can be found in Christ. No matter how far we may stray or how deeply we have fallen, Christ is always there to offer forgiveness, strength, righteousness, and healing. He is the source of our identity and worth, the guide on our journey to heaven, and the one who fulfills God’s promises. Through Christ, we can find hope, restoration, and eternal joy. Let us embrace His love and mercy, knowing that in Him, all that was lost can be found.


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