By The Cross Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

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By The Cross Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

“By The Cross Of Jesus: A Source of Love, Peace, and Salvation” explores the profound significance of the cross as a symbol of love, grace, and redemption. This hymn reminds us of the immense sacrifice Jesus made for humanity, offering us forgiveness and eternal life. By embracing the cross, we can find solace, security, and a pathway to eternal life. The cross is a source of living water, continuously pouring out grace and mercy, and a tangible embodiment of God’s unending compassion. Let us open our hearts to the love and peace the cross offers and allow it to transform our lives.


By The Cross Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

By the cross of Jesus standing,
Love our straitened souls expanding,
Taste we now the peace and grace!
Health from yonder tree is flowing,
Heav’nly light is on it glowing,
From the blessed Sufferer’s face.

Here is pardon’s pledge and token,
Guilt’s strong chain forever broken,
Righteous peace securely made;
Brightens now the brow once shaded,
Freshens now the face once faded,
Peace with God now makes us glad.

All the love of God is yonder,
Love above all thought and wonder,
Perfect love that casts out fear!
Strength, like dew, is here distilling,
Glorious life our souls is filling,
Life eternal, only here!

Here the living water welleth;
Here the Rock, now smitten, telleth
Of salvation freely giv’n:
This the fount of love and pity,
This the pathway to the city,
This the very gate of Heav’n.


Meaning of By The Cross Of Jesus

By The Cross Of Jesus: A Source of Love, Peace, and Salvation

The cross of Jesus stands as a powerful symbol of love, grace, and redemption. It represents the incredible sacrifice that Jesus made for humanity, enduring immense suffering to offer us forgiveness and eternal life. In this hymn, the author beautifully captures the significance of the cross in expanding our souls with love and bringing us peace and grace.

As we stand by the cross of Jesus, our souls are filled with a love that knows no bounds. It is a love that transcends our comprehension, surpassing all thoughts and wonders. This perfect love, radiating from the face of the blessed sufferer, has the power to cast out fear from our hearts. In the presence of the cross, we find solace and security, knowing that our guilt has been forever broken and that we can experience righteous peace.

The cross brightens the once-shaded brow of humanity, bringing freshness and vitality to our lives. We are no longer faded but renewed by the love and grace poured out on the cross. It is a source of true joy and gladness, as we realize that through its power, we can find reconciliation with God. This is the beauty of the cross – it not only offers forgiveness but also revives our spirits, filling them with divine strength and eternal life.

Just as water wells up from a spring, the living water of salvation flows from the cross. It is a source of spiritual nourishment, quenching our deepest thirst and revitalizing our souls. The cross is like a rock that has been struck, and from it, salvation freely pours forth. It is through this cross that we find the path to the heavenly city, the gateway to eternity.

In the existence of the cross of Jesus, we find the embodiment of God’s love and pity. It is a fount that never runs dry, continuously pouring out grace and mercy upon all who approach it. The cross is not just a symbol; it is a tangible reminder of God’s unending compassion and His desire for our salvation.

As we meditate on the profound meaning of the cross, let us remember the immense love that led Jesus to endure its pain. Let us drink from the well of living water, allowing it to cleanse and heal our souls. May the cross of Jesus be a constant source of peace and strength in our lives, guiding us on the pathway to eternal life. Let us open our hearts to the love and grace it offers, embracing this precious gift that only the cross can provide.

In conclusion, the hymn “By The Cross of Jesus” beautifully portrays the significance of the cross in expanding our souls with love, offering us peace and grace. By standing at the foot of the cross, we experience the profound love that God has shown us through Jesus’ sacrifice. It is through the cross that our guilt is broken, and we find reconciliation with God. The cross provides us with a pathway to eternal life, a source of living water that nourishes and revitalizes our spirits. Let us embrace the cross of Jesus and allow it to fill our lives with love, peace, and salvation.


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Experience the power of the cross, as it expands your soul with love, offers peace and grace, and brings salvation. Embrace the profound sacrifice of Jesus for eternal life.


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